Already 32 weeks ago Lewis Hamilton expressed by a Instagram post the wish to change the racing equipment with Valentino Rossi.

Rossi and Hamilton swap seats !?

He wants to drive the Yamaha M1 and would offer the Mercedes W10. Rossi is not averse to that, as he also confirmed on the sidelines of the MotoGP race in Japan:

“We’re trying to find an appointment where i can test his Mercedes and he can test my M1. We hope we can really do it, because I would like to be back in a Formula One car. “

Since both are sponsored by Monster Energy, the sponsor could take over the organization.

For Rossi it would not be the first time in a Formula One car, he could already do a test drive in a Ferrari. Lewis is also very familiar with motorcycles. He drives privately, has realized in cooperation with MV Agusta various special models and was already able to complete a test in the WorldSuperbike.

A challenge to compete in Formula 1 cars and on MotoGP motorcycles, there was already by Marc Marquez to Hamilton. The two motorsport legends want to find out who is faster on both different race machines.

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