At today’s press conference Ducati presented the new motorcycles for 2020. Among others, the Streetfighter V4 was there.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 presented

It is the most powerful naked bike for 2020. The Streetfighter is based on the Panigale V4, basically just the fairing was removed and a higher handlebar installed.

The LED headlight was designed minimalist. It’s should supposed to be reminiscent of the joker’s grin, which served as inspiration for the streetfighter’s design. Particularly striking is the V-shaped Daytime Running Light (DRL).

The cladding has been reduced to the bare minimum and is said to work through the sharp contours as it flows out of the tank. The Streetfighter should look like a lurking, ready to jump predator.

In addition to the higher handlebars, the footrests have been moderately offset, creating a more upright but still sporty seating position.


Performance and equipment

The engine comes from the Panigale and gets 208 hp out of 1,103cc displacement. This performance is Ducati with the abbreviations hp (Horsepower) and PS (Pferdestärken). Often the hp performance is “translated” one-to-one into PS, although a PS is a bit more. If one reckon the 208 hp, then it should actually have 211 PS.

The electronics of the Panigale was also taken over and revised. The control technology monitors all phases of the ride. Some aspects are intended to optimize take-off and acceleration, others braking, traction or slanting.

The empty weight of the Streetfighter V4 is 199 kg. With a power of 208 hp results (according to Ducati) a power to weight ratio of 1.04 hp. Even if one should keep in mind that one can not really get away without operating fluids & a battery and the performance can not really retrieve. The bottom line is still a very impressive power to weight – even if it is then no more than 1 hp per kg.

For the racetrack, an Akrapovic complete system is offered, which should increase the power and the torque by 6%, while also saving 6 kg in weight.

Ducati uses Winglets on the Streetfighter, which are mainly known from MotoGP but can also be found on the Panigale V4 R. The small wings on the side of the motorcycle should provide for a downforce of 28 kg at a speed of 270 km / h. They counteract a wheelie tendency and are designed to prevent “floating” of the front wheel at high speeds.


Streetfighter V4 S

In addition to the Streetfighter V4, there will also be an S version, which will be equipped with higher quality components. These include Marchesini forged wheels, a semi-active, electronic suspension from Öhlins, consisting of 43mm NIX 30-upside-down fork & TTX 36 strut and a steering damper.

The electronic suspension is controlled by the second-generation Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 system.

Here Ducati indicates a dry weight of 178 kg.

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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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