METZELER Racetec TD Slick

With the Racetec TD Slick, METZELER is launching a new tire for the racetrack that is ideally suited for individual TrackDays, since you don’t have to preheat the slick with a tire warmer.


The slick is particularly easy to use because it works in a very wide temperature window. Warming up with a tire warmer is not absolutely necessary, and it also works on a wide variety of asphalt types with a standard chassis and without adapting the electronic assistance systems.

The tire was designed for Trackdays, in order to be able to concentrate fully on fast lap times without first having to develop a corresponding motorcycle set-up. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it should offer an excellent price-performance ratio, which can convince with a high mileage and constant performance over several sessions.


Tire construction

New polymers and high-temperature-resistant resins, in conjunction with a special patented mixing process (CCM – Compound Continuous Mixing Process) ensure a quick warm-up behavior, which means that the use of tire warmers is no longer necessary.

The carcass of the rear tire is characterized by a classic single-ply radial rayon structure, similar to that of super sports tires for the road. This means that complex chassis adjustments or adjustments to the electronic assistance systems for the racetrack are not necessary.

The tire has a multi-radius contour design which improves handling and increases the contact area, especially when cornering. This also results in more grip.


The contour of the front tire was adapted accordingly to the rear tire and to enable the most harmonious and balanced driving behavior possible, as well as direct steering behavior.


The following tire sizes are available:

§  Front

o   120/70 ZR 17 NHS TL

§  Rear

o   180/55 ZR 17 NHS TL

o   190/55 ZR 17 NHS TL

o   200/55 ZR 17 NHS TL

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