Guy Martin’s project 300

The (former) road racer Guy Martin built a turbocharged Hayabusa to reach the 300 mph mark (almost 483 km / h) within a distance of one mile.


The Hayabusa got a new fairing, which does not score optically, but brings aerodynamic advantages and is a must at such speeds. The supercharged Hayabusa engine produces around 800 hp.


Practical Sportsbikes magazine accompanied Guy Martin on test drives. Michael Rutter was also on site with his Bathams Racing Honda RC213V-S and did a little drag race with Guy Martin. When you consider that the Honda is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world and can produce around 230 hp, it is fascinating to see Guy Martin pulling off. He drove against Rutter only around 200 mph.


In previous tests, Guy Martin reached a speed of 274.76 mph (a good 442 km / h).


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