The small cult bike has been revised for 2022 and offers a few small improvements.

The small cult bike has been revised for 2022 and offers a few small improvements.


Additional gear

The air-cooled 124cc two-valve engine was derived from the unit on the Grom and produces 9.5 PS at 6,750 rpm. Maximum torque of 11 Nm is reached at 5,500 rpm. To meet the Euro5 hurdle, the intake area has been revised and a new catalytic converter has been installed. In addition, power is now transmitted through a five- instead of a four-speed gearbox, as a result of which the top speed is now 91 km/h.



Equipment and chassis

The Honda Monkey for 2022 is equipped with a tubular rack that can carry 3 kg of luggage. The new shock absorbers on the rear wheel provide a firmer suspension tuning, and the damper rubbers have also been revised. The suspension travel is 192 mm.

In addition to complete LED lighting, the Monkey is also equipped with an Answer Back function. This allows the lighting unit to be controlled within a certain radius. So at the touch of a button on the ignition key, you can trigger a short flash.

Because of the short wheelbase, the single-channel ABS braking system is also controlled by the IMU to prevent the rear wheel from lifting off unintentionally during hard braking maneuvers.

Color-wise, there is a new variant with Pearl Glittering Blue. Otherwise, there are still the color variants Banana Yellow and Pearl Nebula Red. It has not yet been announced whether the price will change.


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