BMW has unveiled the new S1000RR for 2023.  In addition to increased power, the aerodynamics are also upgraded with winglets.

BMW has unveiled the new S1000RR for 2023.  In addition to increased power, the aerodynamics are also upgraded with winglets.


Increased power for the 2023 S1000RR.

BMW has teased an extra 3 hp out of the inline four-cylinder engine for the 2023 model. 152 kW or 210 PS is specified.  However, the peak power is now 250 rpm later, instead of at 13,500 rpm only at 13,750 rpm.  Maximum torque remains at 113 Nm, but it is reached 500 rpm later, i.e. only at 11,000 rpm.

The speed at which the Shift Cam switches to the sharper cam profile remains at 9,000 rpm.

To achieve this extra power, the airbox was modified, shorter variable intake funnels were installed and the intake ducts were optimized.


Modified gear ratio and geometry

The gear ratio for the 2023 model has been changed.  Instead of 45 teeth, the chainring now has one tooth more, which has a positive effect on acceleration.  For this, however, you have to forfeit some top speed.  Instead of 306 km/h, it should then be 303 km/h.

Whether you will miss the 3 km/h, or whether you have to increase the acceleration with an additional tooth on the chainring on a 210 PS machine, is probably a question of faith.

The wheelbase has also been slightly adjusted.  From 1,441 mm it was extended to 1,457 mm.  Which was also partly achieved via a less steep steering head angle (66.4 instead of 66.9 degrees).  The caster was changed from 93.9 to 99.8 mm.

The changes are intended to improve steering precision, but also the stability of the motorcycle.


The frame has a bit more flex, which allows for a bit more lateral twist.  Also used as standard is the M Chassis Kit, which has an adjustable swingarm pivot point. Acceleration drifts are made possible by the revised traction control with Slide Control.  In addition, there is now also an ABS setting for racing tires.

M-Parts will again be available as an option to further enhance the S 1000 R.  Nothing changes in terms of weight (197 kg), which has been partly solved by a lighter lithium battery.  The price in Germany is 20,420 euros


TAMIYA 300014132 1:12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore*
  • Maßstab 1:12
  • Gesamtlänge 173 mm
  • Breite 67 mm
  • Gesamthöhe 93 mm

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