Having recently unveiled the BMW S 1000 RR for 2023, the company is now following up with the upgraded M version.  In addition to the winglets, the top speed and the equipment have also been increased.

Having recently unveiled the BMW S 1000 RR for 2023, the company is now following up with the upgraded M version.  In addition to the winglets, the top speed and the equipment have also been increased.

The new S 1000 RR costs from €20,420.  With a price starting at €33,000, the M version costs quite a bit more, but compared to the previous M version, the price has remained stable.


Changed equipment

New on the 2023 S1000RR were the winglets.  For the M version, these were upgraded again and enlarged.  There was also a small change to the right side fairing.  There the openings in the form of shark gills are back, as they are known from he UR-BMW S1000RR.

The four-piston Nissin brake calipers at the front were fitted with cooling air ducts, as one really only knows from motorsport.  Like the fender, the brake ducts are made of carbon.  This is also matched by the M Aero Wheel Covers, aerodynamic fairing elements that cover part of the front wheel but are reserved for the M RR Competition.

Where the new S 1000 RR had to lose some top speed due to the shorter gear ratio, the M 1000 RR will reach a top speed of 314 km/h, largely due to the modified aerodynamics.  In terms of power, nothing changes compared to the previous M model.  It remains at 212 PS (156 kW) at 14,500 rpm, which is only 2 PS more than the new standard model.

There have also been changes at the rear.  The license plate holder has been shortened and the wiring harness has been designed to make removal quick and easy.  Seating is on an M Endurance seat cushion.

The weight (with the tank 90% full) is given as 192 kg.


Highlights of the new BMW M RR and M RR M Competition.

  • M RR four-cylinder engine developed for racing purposes.
  • Output 156 kW (212 hp) at 14,500 rpm. Maximum torque 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm.
  • 2-ring forged pistons
  • Fully CNC-machined intake ports and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying valve timing and valve lift.
  • Titanium valves, optimized camshafts, and narrow and lightweight cam followers.
  • Very lightweight, compact base engine with Pankl titanium connecting rods that are longer and each 85 g lighter than on the S 1000 RR for reduced friction power and lower weight.
  • Anti-hopping clutch without self-boost optimized for race starts.
  • Optimized intake system with shorter intake funnels compared to the S 1000 RR for optimized charge exchange at high rpm.
  • Lightweight exhaust system with titanium manifold, front silencer and rear silencer.
  • NEW: Drastically optimized aerodynamics with more downforce even when leaned over, while top speed increased from 306 to 314 km/h.
  • NEW: New fairing in exposed carbon with new carbon fairing front beam and new exposed carbon M winglets.
  • NEW: New exposed carbon front fender with integrated Brake Ducts.
  • NEW: Exposed carbon fiber M Aero Wheel Covers.
  • NEW: M Carbon wheels with new surface and M Design Tapes.
  • NEW: Forged wheels optional ex works.
  • NEW: Newly designed rear end.
  • NEW: Ergonomic M Endurance seat.
  • NEW: Short license plate holder.
  • NEW: Modified wiring harness with LWS connector for even easier removal of license plate holder with light units.
  • Driving modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Race” and “Race Pro1-3” as well as latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control DTC and DTC Wheelie function with 6-axis sensor box.
  • Two adjustable throttle characteristics for optimum response. “Engine Brake” with triple adjustability of engine drag torque in “Race Pro” mode.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for fast upshifts and downshifts without clutch. Easy reversibility of the shifting scheme for race track use.
  • Launch Control for perfect race starts and Pit Lane Limiter for precise speed in the pit lane.
  • Hill Start Control Pro for comfortable hill starts.
  • M Brakes: Maximum braking performance for the race track.
  • Instrument cluster with large, perfectly readable 6.5-inch TFT display, start-up animation with M logo and OBD interface for M GPS Datalogger and M GPS Laptrigger that can be used via activation code.
  • Lightweight M battery, rear USB charging port, powerful LED light units, electronic cruise control and heated grips.
  • M Competition package with M GPS Laptrigger and unlock code, M milled parts package, M carbon package, natural anodized swingarm 220 g lighter than base variant or S 1000 RR, DLC-coated M Endurance chain and pillion package including hump cover.
  • Extensive range of optional accessories and special equipment ex works.


TAMIYA 14138 300014138 Honda 1:12 CBR 1000-RR-R Fireblade SP, originalgetreue Nachbildung, Modellbau, Plastik Bausatz, Basteln, Hobby, Kleben, Modellbausatz, Zusammenbauen, unlackiert*
  • Detaillierter Modellbausatz im Maßstab 1:12 Das Standmodell hat Abmessungen: Länge: 17,6 cm, Breite: 6,8 cm, Höhe: 9,6 cm
  • Der qualitativ hochwertige Bausatz von TAMIYA muss in Eigenregie montiert werden.
  • Der selbstständige Aufbau wird mithilfe einer Schritt für Schritt bzw. bebilderten Aufbauanleitung begleitet. Die Aufbauanleitung ist selbstverständlich im Lieferumfang enthalten.
  • Auf Basis der Aufbauanleitung müssen die passgenauen Einzelteile zusammengefügt werden. Eine Lackierung der Teile kann nach eigenen Vorstellungen vorgenommen werden.
  • Werkzeug, Klebstoff und Farben sind im Lieferumfang des Plastikbausatzes nicht enthalten. Diese müssen optional erworben werden.

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