BMW Motorrad unveils an exciting prototype - the M 1000 XR, which promises groundbreaking performance for both the road and the track.

A new jewel in the M series

BMW Motorrad is giving a first taste of the third M model in its lineup in its “100 Years of BMW Motorrad” anniversary year with the unveiling of the M 1000 XR prototype, or M XR for short.  The M XR is based on the proven S 1000 XR, S 1000 RR and M 1000 RR models and has been developed with the aim of offering the best performance in the long-distance sports bike category for both road and track use.

BMW’s M series is known worldwide for its racing success and high-performance models.  In 2019, BMW Motorrad also introduced the successful M strategy to the motorcycle sector and has since offered special M equipment and M performance parts.  The M RR, based on the S 1000 RR super sports bike, and the M R, based on the S 1000 R naked bike, were then introduced as BMW Motorrad’s first stand-alone M models.


A super sports bike for the road and the race track

With the unveiling of the M XR prototype in its anniversary year, BMW Motorrad is underscoring its long-standing tradition in motorsport and offering a glimpse of a supersport motorcycle designed to deliver unparalleled performance on both the country road and the race track.

The M 1000 XR is powered by an inline four-cylinder engine based on the engine of the S 1000 RR.  Thanks to BMW’s ShiftCam technology, which allows the timing and valve lift to be adjusted, the engine offers an output of over 147 kW, which equates to 200 hp or 197.14 hp.  BMW is not yet saying how much horsepower the M XR will ultimately get.  Rumors currently speak of up to 210 hp.  If you consider that the current S 1000 XR produces 165 hp, then this is already an enormous step forward.

The DIN empty weight of the ready to ride fully fueled motorcycle is 223 kg (491.63 pounds).  So despite a different engine and certainly changed equipment, it was possible to save 3 kg.  Which also brings us to the technical equipment….


Changed technology and equipment of the BMW M XR

With the changed technology of the chassis, the new aerodynamics and the electronic regulation, BMW wants to give the crossover bike M XR new dynamic driving experiences that were previously reserved for purebred superbikes.  With the optional M Competition package, weight can be reduced even further and driving dynamics enhanced.  But how does the future Hypersport XR stand up now?

The M XR is equipped with winglets, which should ensure superior driving stability even at high speeds despite much higher engine output.  Since the exact engine data has not yet been announced, and may not even be fixed yet, BMW of course does not give an exact top speed yet.  However, they are talking about 280 km/h, which is quite impressive.

The winglets help to achieve optimum contact between the wheels and the road surface – especially when accelerating and at high speeds, which also means that the traction control system has to regulate less.  The increased wheel load on the front wheel also reduces the tendency to wheelies when accelerating, resulting in improved acceleration and possibly a better lap time on the track.  Yes, with the M 1000 XR you don’t have to be shy if you ever plan a trip to the track. 

Another contribution to vehicle control, especially during extremely sporty riding, is the deliberately front-wheel-centered seating position.


Brakes on the M-Class

Like its M RR and M R sisters, the new M XR features the M brake with radial hand brake pump.  This has been further developed on the basis of experience with the racing brakes on BMW Motorrad factory racing machines in the Superbike World Championship.  An external feature of the M brake calipers is a blue anodized coating combined with the M logo, which is intended to highlight the quality and performance of the M series.


Further information

It is important to mention that the information given here refers to the M 1000 XR prototype and BMW Motorrad will not announce further details about the production BMW M 1000 XR motorcycle until the second half of 2023.  However, since they haven’t revealed too much here yet either and have been quite vague, we can assume that the data will also be correct for the production version, with perhaps only minimal changes. 

Especially for the technical equipment there is not much yet and here it is interesting to see which additional features and technical data the final model will offer.


When the BMW M 1000 XR (M XR) will be available in showrooms and at what price is still open. Currently, we can probably expect a release in 2024.


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