This time we went for a instructortraining to Hockenheim. There were plans for six turns to work on riding technique and line, lots of photos and videos to make for the report and to have a lot of fun! Not everything turned out as planned …


How can book the training is consistent with the Getting Started and can be read there. I do not want you so bored each time with the same nonsense. smiley emoticons confusednew

I booked for my girlfriend and me, the instructor training about Speer-Racing. Our first turn was only at 10 o clock. The driver’s meeting at 8 o clock was prescribed for all. The schedule was published in advance on the internet. So arrived and registered on time. Go to full driver briefing in the pit lane but we did not (we had always doubted it). We were allowed back into the house Sachs.smiley emoticons idea2

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 HockenheimMotorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 HockenheimIt was talked out of the daily routine, as it runs on the track (overtaking the groups / general behavior …) and explains the individual flags.

Then was re-grouped. It was allowed to assess themselves and and report to the respective group. First came group 1 (fastest group) and 10 (slowest group). The two extremes were gone. Go to group 2, from here almost everyone has reported and it was just one after selected. We landed characterized in group 8 Well, were anyway with our little 400cc there, with incredible 65 hp. smiley emoticons seb zunge

The first turn

It went to the first turn on the track. We were about in the middle of the group, so that the accordion effect was not quite as bad. Unfortunately, it was over for one from another group already after half a lap. He has thrown away his machine. smiley emoticons wallbash

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 HockenheimIn the first turn we have already overtaken several groups since the group was very homogeneous. The 8 as group number had not really means something. The group had also changed again. The first behind the instructor swerved and broke down as Last of the group again, so that each instructor behind the line could even study them … smiley emoticons eek

We were pretty fast on the road. I got in the first turn a few times the knees on the track. In Getting Started, I had to change the line to create this because we were “too slow”.

[sam id=2 codes=true]My girlfriend has unfortunately made ​​a careless mistakes after a few rounds and the gas too early to wide open in the curve, so that the rear wheel lost grip. She was really doing well until then. Traffic behind you has responded well and is evaded her, although she threatened to roll in front of his front wheelsmiley emoticons shocked

But their is nothing happens. Only a few small bruises …

He has the whole shot with his cam and I could look at it. He wants to send it to me yet, but unfortunately it has not arrived yet. I hope it will come.

The Stess has begun …

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 HockenheimAfter the turn was the first meeting and I was told what my girlfriend was. I did not notice anything because I was driving in front of her. My girlfriend came to us soon and my pulse went back down a bit. smiley emoticons madnew

Through the frame slider is on the fairing not much happened. The brake lever was over, the footpeg was broken and the brake pedal was bent. Spare parts we had there, but unfortunately no footrest system for the right. smiley emoticons no sad

[sam id=2 codes=true]First replaced the brake lever, and dismantled the foot brake. The footrest system should be able to mount again, but the footrest was no longer on the system, because exactly at the point of breaking … There were also like a few people over and asked if they can help. One of our party offered us his box for screws and possibly a replacement lever he had. It is really a great cohesion on the Racetrack !!! smiley emoticons nicken

The second turn …

The next turn to stand and I had to let my girlfriend screw alone. Unfortunately we did not make it in time and they had to skip the turn. smiley emoticons skeptisch

Motorrad Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrixShe went in search of a drilling machine a new hole for the footrest to drill. Successfully she was in the tire service on site. On a drill we had not thought of. Although We had a lot of tools and spare parts, but not everything …

On the racetrack ran it with me quite well. We slowly increased the pace and it was already whim without end. On the straight course, I could not quite keep up, but ahead of the curve I was off again. Advantage of the small and lightweight machine that you brake hold down faster. smiley emoticons coolnew

After the turn, there was again the meeting. We discussed the curves, the turn-in points, the apexes, braking points … We were again noted that you must slow down in the gravel with only the rear brake … One of our group had made a short detour. smiley emoticons blushnew

After the meeting I am to behold first time to our car to my girlfriend and her machine. She was not there, but the footrest was back at it and they could thus ride the third turn. smiley emoticons bravo2

A few corrections in the groups were also carried out. Overall, however, all groups were very quick and almost at the same level.

The third turn …

Motorrad Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrixTo make it easier for my girlfriend I wanted to trade places with her. She would indeed have to classified back and I was in the middle of our group. Unfortunately, that did the other not quite noticed and the gap in the grid closed. A place I was able to get her out yet, but it was nevertheless quite at the end of the group, which was not so good by the accordion effect and the underpowered compared 65 hp. I want to spare her actually, so it is easier to clean again …

It came as it had to. The shock of the fall of her was still in its bones. She also had no confidence in the footrest temporarily fastened and dared not how else to do gymnastics on the machine. Then there was the low power and the precipitated second turn to where we had the pace increased already. smiley emoticons rolleyesnew

Getting Started HockenheimUnfortunately, they could not keep up. The main reason is the fall. That you do not get out of your head immediately. Anyone who has ever had an accident with the bike knows that you go first again very very gently and dares no longer so in the curves. So it was with her also. She also was afraid again to throw the 400cc away and that it’s over with the training.

In any case, hats off that she has nevertheless put right back on her motorbike! This is important! smiley emoticons bravo2

If, ifs and buts …

After this turn was lunchtime, and the instructors wanted to think about how they now deal with the matter. “In their own interest” they have then taken out of the training instructors out. They offered her to make the training curve.

The groups were on the day just all incredibly well and according to the current state too fast for her.

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 HockenheimBut I do not believe that this was the right decision. I know what she can do and how it goes! Clear that it is after the crash no longer so quickly, but that would become again. The problem was partly because she did not come through the accordion effect and the low power, and could not catch up in the turns by fear then. So she had to leave and could thus no longer repeating that line, which automatically takes time if you do not optimally drives this …

If she could have done in a slower group, she would quickly come back in, but unfortunately it did not work. So she has taken part in the training curve and learn at least a few interesting things from the coach. He wanted to ride on the Isle of Man actually, but since a few rules have been changed so that he can stay there ..

The fourth turn …

Leider abgeflogen auf der Renne - Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 Hockenheim
Leider abgeflogen auf der Renne – is aber nicht meine

… Ran quite well. On the Parabolika I was always left behind quite nice, but at the hairpin, I was back on it. The curve I liked always best anyway. The knee was very often on the ground under braking and turn down the rear has partially beautifully danced, it is sometimes easily slipped into my curves, but this was absolutely not a problem and not unsafe felt (small drift is ok), only the toe Slider were too often on the ground, although the position of the foot was fine. smiley emoticons doh

After a few rounds, we then overtaken another group on the Parabolika and it was even relatively slow in the hairpin. I have the Small yet fully allocated and this time the toe slider were too much on the ground. The tail came and came. The hairpin is a right turn at once got my back tire grip, so I was thrown off by the little ones and she flew but slipping from the curve to the left. Well, that was my first highside. And yes, it really hurts. With the helmet I must still have taken the windshield and then dropped it off over the bike directly to the back … I still cracked a few times laterally, before I came to a halt on the grass verge. smiley emoticons helpnew

Motorrad Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrixA detailed report on the fall incl. videos is yet to come. I hope I get the two videos of which are driven directly behind the two falls yet … but I myself also had two cams mounted on the bike.

As soon as possible in the pit lane

Dazed I got up again and got me first oriented. My machine was lying on the grass verge. A marshal came from the same and helped me pick up the machine. He then gave me my visor, which was demolished in the fall. I should lock it … He tried to start the 400cc, but she would not start. We then wanted to push to the side and I was on the handlebars. Have also tried to start, and with a little more gas she also jumped on. I should then go into the pits. He has purely me the aisle because he thought I could not turn because of the bent lever.

We started out on the track. As soon as possible in the pits. Luckily I had the shift pattern reversed (first gear above), because I got no problems to 3rd pure. In the first I’d ever been on the plug and in third gear I could take all the curves well and rapidly progressing. So it went in the pits. Beautifully drawn with the left hand in greeting. No, as a warning that I’m slowly go. smiley emoticons frown

The second repair unit

Reifen stark angerauht von der Rennstrecke
Hier kann man nicht mehr von Angststreifen reden 😛
Der Reifen durfte Bekanntschaft mit ner Rennstrecke machen

By the fall it had bent my shift lever and I tried him first to turn straight again. I already had it in my hand – canceled. So removed the footrest system and the replacement plant it. The footrest even swapped back and taped the wind shield with tape.

It all sounds as if it would be gone pretty quickly, but it was not. I had to look for my friend who had the car keys. Then it went to the screws. I had hellish pain in the back and could not walk clever. My left leg I could not lift nearly. smiley emoticons helpnew

When everything was finished as far as I’ve got a little test drive made ​​in the paddock. The machine was running and I could move somewhat to her. Hanging off was possible.

So given key again and still shot a few test laps. Go Shit, first and second course, but in the third I do not come …

Motofair 2014 Reichertshofen (3)The fine adjustment of the shift lever did not fit and I came up with the shift lever onto the shift linkage, and therefore no longer in third gear. Luckily I’ve still noticed. I wanted actually already put into the row in the pit lane. So brought key again and adjusted the linkage.

So now it was in the starting lineup. Unfortunately, the traffic lights already jumped on green and it went off. But I had the instructor not yet modest given that I’ll go with. My clothes I had not quite well. So I skipped the turn. smiley emoticons doh

The last turn

I rode along again. Strangely, went go better than running. The fall but I have also well noted, so the driving style here. It was already first somewhat restrained in the curves. After a two laps but it was better. The knee was already on the ground. The turn was then stopped with a red flag. That is a crash in which you do not get so quickly free the route. smiley emoticons madnew

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 HockenheimSo it went back to the pits and most stood again in the series. I wondered even if there is an extra turn because of the red flag. Or if time is still rescheduled because all queued again. But I did not care. I had enough pain and’ll be right by starting the car and got the Small parked. Did get in the pit lane hardly the first gear in and was really pissed …

Monday training

After our last turn was supposed to start Monday’s training. This is for advanced users. I wanted to take pictures and videos really still, but it was enough for me already for today. In addition, I could move poorly. On the day there were even quite a lot of accidents, two of which I knew smiley emoticons seb zunge

I had yet to master very different challenges. I had to tease out the leather suit and charge the motorcycles. But this end was equal to the Park neighbor to help. The cohesion on the racetrack is really great! Meanwhile, a helicopter landed and flew again after calming while. The “red flag” was probably something worse than imagined.

So the time between turns was booked right and after exercise also. So I done no photos and videos it looks bad. Have only two turns made ​​with the GoPro … The pictures in the article date back to the Getting Started or the Tuner Grand Prix.

As here we go further?

tumblr_n11q99p3Ct1toludco1_1280To be honest I do not know it exactly. My girlfriend is the beginning of next year to make the instructor training again. Possibly I’ll do it one more time, because it make at the beginning of the year already sense. Especially when one line is shown again. Possibly but I do also like a normal training. The 400cc is underpowered for the instructor training and to rush to the line just behind. In the curves it is for something stopped. The braking points one must therefore find alone anyway, the line is also unlike the 600cc or 1000cc, and therefore I can then also in a free training. smiley emoticons confusednew

I must see what I do sometimes. Over the winter, a machine for racetrack is prepared in any case. Also is already in the garage. There is also a 400cc. Even if one or the other asks what I want with it, I think it is the beginning of the racetrack for exactly right. If you make a small mistake so the lap time is messed up. Makes a mistake it can not be adjusted and the time you realize it barely with a 1000cc engine.

Therefore one is forcing small to drive a clean line or to learn them perfectly. The driving style is, in my opinion, better. In addition, rich 65 hp to have fun and to annoy a bit the big … smiley emoticons twistedevil1

Home was made ​​higher than the first footrests. smiley emoticons wallbash

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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