How does it work on the track?

Can anyone on it or you have to demonstrate a certain skill level? Am I good enough for the Track? What to consider or is allowed there anything?

A step after the other. How to get on a race track?

Skulptur in einem Kreisverkehr in Hockenheim[sam id=2 codes=true]”A good driver I am so, so it is about time to let off steam on the track,” I thought to myself, trying to make about n bissl smart. On many Tracks, a free driving is offered, but in which part of far too many at the same time allowed on the track. Then there is the make a wide variety of “driving skills” each other, which can also be very dangerous smiley emoticons nicken (Report to follow).

In some circuits, (sometimes abroad) it is enough to make a 30 minute schooling to be allowed on the course. But is it thus then also ready for this?  smiley emoticons confusednew


Rennmotorräder in HockenheimSpeer-Racing has to be done slowly for rookies just the thing to Track. Getting Started The program is called with the driving ability is brought about by the theory and practice slowly at race level. I figured I try it out, because then I may as well write about it. Although I’ve actually kept me as too good for … smiley emoticons irre

Hockenheim Getting Started TeilnehmerbikesReservations can be made without problems via the Internet. After a short registration you can choose the route and the date from the calendar. Something stupid it is that one in the future must register with the customer number and the login name can not choose free. One must the mail with the access so do not delete, otherwise you later no longer comes in your account. Goofy it is also that you can only yourself what can book. Will you ride with more or girlfriend, everyone has to register themselves individually.

Medical Center in Hockenheim mit Teil des Fuhrparks
Für Sicherheit ist hier bestens gesorgt

If one has chosen the right thing, you can still choose a starting number and book may still be various additional insurances. Whether you need an extra track insurance or insurance must always know themselves. But since there’s about a getting Started here should reach the normal liability that one for his motorcycle anyway has (unless you go the same with a racing motorcycle at the start, but what are probably in the minority). In the event it is not even a race in which the attainment of maximum speed is important, so should they engage in an emergency. But I guarantee not accepting it, so better to ask me for their own insurance …

Burnoutspuren auf der Toilette am Hockenheimring im Fahrerlager
da hats mal jemand auf der Toilette qualmen lassen, auf eine andere Art ;-P

With what machine you want to take the training and what lap time you’re driving on race track which you can specify in the application form. The lap time you can normally do not fill out if you want to book a Getting Started, since it was not even on the Track. It is also only for the sports driver training (free rides) thought so that you can be placed in the right group (medium, fast, very fast). A transponder, you can also rent, of which I do not recommend but since it is an absolute waste of money when Getting Started. One may indeed not free ride on the track so counts the time nothing … smiley emoticons no sad

Rennmotorräder in HockenheimSo I have decided to go for Hockenheim and since I stopped myself for a very good driver, I sat down with the little ZXR 400 (65 hp, but an absolute curve hunters much fun) account. Because Hockenheim is a very fast course and most probably with 600cc and 1000cc will come (at least twice as much HP), I thought that there is probably a good compromise would be to come up with the little ones … blank

It`s getting started…

Etwas Theorie gehört bei den ersten Schritten auf der Renne auch dazu
Etwas Theorie gehört bei den ersten Schritten auf der Renne auch dazu

Well, the day had come for the training. From 8 clock you could sign up in the box. You had to sign a disclaimer and also indicate who should be contacted in an emergency. From 9 clock the Getting-Started-freshmen met in a hall for the half-hour theory unit. Meanwhile, we went out on the circuit already full to the point. It was in addition to the Getting Started nor the sports rider training site. smiley emoticons coolnew

Älterer Teilnehmer am Getting Started in Hockenheim der an seiner Maschine schraubt
Alter schütz vor Torheit nicht… Einer der älteren Teilnehmer beim Getting Started. Find ich klasse in dem Alter noch den Start auf die Rennstrecke zu machen. Absoluten Respekt dafür!!!

In the hall sat a variety of types. The majority was indeed male and between 20 and 35, but there were also many women and even senior citizens there. Hard to believe that in the upper age nor Inceptions to drive on the Run, but I think it’s really great! As varied as the participants were also their motorcycles. Supersports whether new or old, Supermoto, pure race bikes not street legal, naked bikes …

Metzeler Reifenservice in Hockenheim
Reifenservice von Metzeler auf dem Hockenheimring. Bremsen, Knieschleifer und verschiedenes Zubehör konnte man auch erstehen.

Us the rough daily routine was explained and made ​​clear that is very much worth it laid on safety. Leather is mandatory. With fabric clothing (already was, of course, in the run-up to be announced) will not get you on the Track. It is a leather suit, prescribed proper boots, gloves and a back protector. Of course, a helmet. The mirrors, turn signals, headlight and taillight must be removed or taped. The background is that one in a fall leaves no splinters and that the flares may irritate others do not.

You should slow down to the point where one thinks itself and not where the driver ahead brakes. (does not actually for Getting Started, but more on that later) why an opaque adhesive tape must be taken. The mirror you do not need anyway, because you should only focus forward. This one has enough to do already. “Did you have time while driving in the mirror to behold, it is too slow.” blank

[sam id=2 codes=true]Of course you can also take a racing machine without lighting, even if it is extremely tuned. TÜV counts nothing! The only requirement is that they must not be too loud. On the Hockenheimring, the machine may not exceed 98 db, but this varies from track to track.

Slicks am HockenheimringEach participant was allowed to assess themselves now and it has been divided into 7 groups with 6 participants. I went in Group 5 as I with my baby was there, yes the only good 200 runs (on the Parabolika 300 km / h), and yes I write for interested people who have never been on the Run, a report wanted. smiley emoticons nicken

Bremsübungen beim Getting Started in Hockenheim

We drove on a large cordoned-off area and resulted in different groups running exercises. We started with braking exercises. First, we should make full braking from 50 km / h. Here it was about to press the brake and then to increase the brake pressure. The whole even with all four fingers. Since I kupple with only two fingers and brake, that was really a problem. It’s really hard to break with his habits.  smiley emoticons madnew

Four finger should use it, otherwise you in a crash, the other two can Shelling out of his glove when one is trapped under the lever. Understand, but if you look in racing times using as good as every one or two fingers. It’s not to brake one or the other advantage with all fingers, so I stay personally in two fingers.

Semirennreifen der nicht ganz bis zu Kante gefahren ist.
Der Reifen des Instruktors. Entweder ein Reifen den man nicht an die Kante bekommt (siehe Beitrag Angststreifen) oder er ist mit den Anfängern einfach unterfordert…

It continued with a point braking. It should come to a certain point to hold. Then it went back to full braking. The front wheel should not block and remain the tail on the ground. The rear has been raised with me but one or the other times. It was during the exercises about a feel for the brake to get. Sure, you may slow down but everyone, but on the Track this is still something else, as I have been able to see later. Was held back in any case only the beginning. The rear brake was completely ignored. smiley emoticons eek

Since you can build almost no braking action through the rear wheel load anyway was deliberately waived. Professionals use the rear brake very well on the Track for the bike on the way out acceleration out of bends to stabilize, but that is only for professionals. The stopping distance can be shorter if you shared the rear brake, but only slightly and it also carries the risk that the rear wheel blocked and you fall. Most on the Run really only use the front brakes.

Die Bikes der Getting Started Teilnehmer in Hockenheim
Die Bikes der Getting Started Teilnehmer

The faster groups have made more or other braking exercises. One group, the trained next to us had the brake intentionally block them immediately to solve again. This was done 3-4 times in direct succession. Brakes – go – braking – go – braking – going on. Next door was run on the banking motorcycle and another group has practiced with your own bike in circular driving the knee grinding / skew. blank

Hanging off erklärt auf dem Schräglagentrainer
Hanging off erklärt auf dem Schräglagentrainer

After the braking exercises, we have adopted the skew motorcycle. The adjustable cantilever could reach an inclined position of 45 degrees. But first, we got the correct sitting position shown. A beautiful Hanging off. We were all sitting sample times in an inclined position (at a standstill / lying motorcycle). I still thought, that’s not a problem because I am a Hanging off accustomed, but the geometry of the bike was completely different than an Supersport Bike. With hands on the handlebar it went, but without hands I had no chance to hold me smiley emoticons blushnew (we should try it, and for our coach, it was not a problem). Well, since I am probably n estimated bissl wrong (not the last time to the present day).

Schräglagentraining in Hockenheim beim Getting Started, 45 Grad Schräglage
Schräglagentraining, hier 45 Grad. Sehr schön zu sehen, die Blickführung ist extrem wichtig. Weit in die Kurve schaun!!!

Now we were off to the part to drive in a circle. I wanted to have it right behind me and picked it up as the second. No problem I thought, now I’ll show them once how to get the knee to the floor. smiley emoticons coolnew Forget it … The geometry of the bike was so different than an Supersport Bike … The Motorcharakeristik so different than that of a 4-cylinder … We should go in third gear in a circle. I had real problems to keep the gas at all evenly. smiley emoticons blushnew

Once the crate would almost dead and then at a millimeter, it has razed a sentence forward more gas. So much torque I’m not used to. Supersportbikes have to keep up to speed, down there is nothing around … smiley emoticons doh

I did it by not done it to drive an even circle. So I wobbled around so first and then got used to it eventually. Okay, so then nice in an inclined position. The third wheel put on and also has the same full irritates me, so I flew out of the loop again. Even tried and toe slider have set up. I’m not used to so early, so it also made me equal brought out again. I am really embarrassed to the bone and my scuffed knee sliders were also very skeptical eyed of one. smiley emoticons irre

The would have never believed that I have the self-sanded … This has been quite scratched my ego. In this exercise every case the view guide was extremely important. smiley emoticons eek Thank that was not aware of.

Rennmotorräder in HockenheimWe went on a handling course. There were pylons designed to be allowed to drive in the slalom. First, quite narrow, then one time was the side so you have to go back a little and then at further distance. At the end of the track was allowed to turn around. The pylons were designed here that they had to turn into the ideal line. So you came on the road quite close to the roadside. At the other end of the plug where you had to turn it went through an introductory street. Here the bow was on, but the transition between the two streets was a bit bumpy and there was also one or the other pebbles there.

The whole you should go with Hanging off.  I thought I turn at the wheel, the pylons were so tight that it did not make it at the beginning has to slide back and forth. (Then you have to stop slow down was it only though the distance between the pylons was probably suitable “push” rather for the technique). In the ideal line turn the curve was so narrow that you had to go in first gear and had problems not to upsetsmiley emoticons smilina Slowly, you were there. Since then off even a Hanging? After a few times it went though. The worst was the constant slope off left and right. I have the thighs burned like fire. I was absolutely at the end of my tether.smiley emoticons helpnew

Reifen an denen Kies klebt und durchs Kiesbett gefahren wurde
Kiesbettexpedition – da sieht man mal was für Grip Slicks haben wenn sie warm sind

For this exercise, I could see a helicopter in the landing approach. Shit, probably because somebody has already built a nasty crash, I thought to myself yet. That makes a right back aware that to drive on the track extreme sport. And in extreme sports risking his life, which should not be forgotten, nor talk nice. That is a fact … smiley emoticons confusednew I hope it was not too bad for the victim, I noticed afterwards at least nothing more of it.

Finally finished with the exercise, and it should go into the lunch break. However, we could not go because one of the motor is high cooked. But it was also a scorcher. Looked to me as if the cylinder head gasket. I have the driver then come back with them into the pits. Would be really crap if the machine is not running now, especially because he has the same yet booked an instructor training for the next day.  smiley emoticons twistedevil1

Teilnehmerbikes beim Getting Started - Speer Racing
Teilnehmerbikes beim Getting Started – Speer Racing

During the lunch break we treated ourselves to the kiosk on site a small snack. Indeed, a great time to come out of our clothes and sit in the shade.smiley emoticons bravo2 Water we get throughout the day by the organizer, that was the price for the training included.

The first meters on the track

Theorie bei Getting Started in Hockenheim
Theorie bei Getting Started in Hockenheim

After lunch we met yet for the second theory unit. She went back 30 minutes and our behavior on the track was declared. What that flag means, how to react when a yellow flag, as in a crash … I suspected before training that each group of Getting Started individually goes to the track, but that was not the case. The three turns a 30 min all participants were on the track, but only the. The sport driver training had in this time interval which was probably safer for all … So we were never told how it then runs there and how to fix it with the lapping, as you should so remain in the group.

Getting Started Motorräder der Teilnehmer über Speer-Racing
Teil der Getting Strarted Gruppe

Subsequently, the flow was again explained in detail by our instructor. Very important it was that we go after the other and everyone drives the same line. We should have a distance of 10 – 15 m to comply with the vehicle in front. If the distance is larger, it takes time to get out because he assumes that there is someone too quickly. Does not close the gap, he again takes tempo down and so on … smiley emoticons motz Naturally, he did not want to lose even the end of the group from the eyes. – He was the only one allowed to drive with mirrors on the machine.

Hockenheim BoxengasseWe had still half an hour before we were allowed on the track. The excitement rose … The driver of high boiled machine had in the meantime brought his bike and it has also worked on it. Since he did not know what exactly was going on (possibly it was just too hot), he wanted to get his road machine from home. He would have then missed the first two turns. Our instructor but would no longer let him go. The group would then have increased and he had this increase can not vote. He would have been possibly overtaxed and can also be dangerous.  smiley emoticons wallbash

Hockenheim BoxengasseIt started on the Hockenheimring. I, as indeed such a great driver, I assumed that it is a very cozy lap. As fast as the instructor shall not go, since all were never on the Run and it is indeed first have to look at. smiley emoticons pfeif2 I started last in my group and before the first corner I was struck by the accordion effect disabused. Damn, I had to dig hard into the brakes. smiley emoticons shocked I had not expected.

So it went around the first corner and all moved away from me. But of course with only 65 hp. There was also not as extreme speeds I had caught up quickly. I had to keep on my little speed dependent. Brakes I could have been much later skillfully as it has very good brakes and do not need to brake so much weight. In the curves it could have been even faster, but then I have every now and then something changed the line so I come around faster and more speed bekomm with the straight line. At the distance of 10-15m I am no longer held there. I am my front man for the part pretty hung so I do not lose too much ground on the straight ass.  smiley emoticons biggrin

So on the way it went around the course. I could already give correct gas and leisurely ride or boredom no track around the curves. smiley emoticons nicken At certain places the order behind the instructor was changed. The First let himself fall back to the last position. How anyone could even study the line behind the instructor.

komplett ausgestattetes Rennteam
das ist schon ein paar Stufen über Getting Started… die waren wohl schon das ein oder andere mal auf der Renne

Unfortunately, we were getting slower because some participants the distance could be too large. It is also clear, you get always been told that you have to keep distance. Otherwise it is equal to speeders or tailgaters …  smiley emoticons twistedevil2 Then suddenly on the Track should we mount up so close and not even see a brake light when the front of a in the Brakes goes … Clear that this so many was overwhelmed. smiley emoticons eekIn the end we went for a time of about 3:30 min. For comparison drives fast 1000 about 1:47 min. A quick 400 (with which I was there) 2:15 min. Here it was quite cozy.

Getting Started HockenheimAfter the first turn then got one or the other then his “bollocking” because of it.smiley emoticons motzOf course, but not so serious. It has also made ​​everyone aware of his error. Where was the line is not so good … Where did it fit well … One or the other could Hanging off the practice again on the stationary bike. Very important: Guided Tour, Guided Tour, Guided Tour … So you had the same feedback about the driving skills. The instructor really had any in mind, even those who were not directly behind him. smiley emoticons gott

Getting Started HockenheimI was already looking forward to the second turn, even though we were quite finished all of the first turn. Can hardly believe how much 20 minutes on the track effort. When we got to the pit lane for the second turn were ready then, my engine does not start anymore. Clack, clack, clack, clack … smiley emoticons doh Crap! So I was outside. I said still modest quickly, pushed me n bit to the side and read all around me start. Again attempting to start (which I then heard also what) – but again nothing … smiley emoticons frown

Getting Started HockenheimI was immediately asked by another driver if we should bridge. The cohesion on the Track is really great! blank So pushed the machine into the parking lot, bridges, and lo and behold, she ran again. smiley emoticons bravo2 I ask back into the pit lane to whether I can when my group comes by to join in, but when I was there was just flagged. smiley emoticons doh It would have been but eh not let me on the course, since the others were driven warm, were the tires warm and I would have been kicked out in the first corner possibly can.

Getting Started HockenheimWell, now I had until the third turn again some time, so again pushed into the parking lot and installed the replacement battery. It started with no problems.  smiley emoticons biggrin2 Our instructor let me fortunately, despite missed the second turn in the third to ride again because I was good enough. Then he said to the driver with the high boiled machine, if he does not get his bike in time afloat, he can not enter any more, I was not so sure.smiley emoticons hurra3After the second turn he pushed his machine but also away again, he had now changed the group, and did not start more in the third turn. Why I however do not know because I have not seen him since. Possibly another Hitzeproble. But we also had loose 30 degrees. But for me the third turn was backed up at least.

Knieschleifer mit aufgenommenen Gummi von der Rennstrecke
Mein Knieschleifer nach dem Kontakt mit dem Hockenheimring. Das Schwarze ist Gummiabrieb von der Strecke den ich dann wieder aufgesammelt hab.

This was back the hammer. I started again last in my group and had full again my fun. I could fully to Hanging off rush into the curves and even got every now and then the knee to the floor. smiley emoticons freu2 The route, the coarse braking and turn-in points were already known and you knew which curve can be seen in what gear drive. With so much fun I would have never expected, because I rather thought I’ll just straight and cozy stroll through the corners. smiley emoticons pfeif2 Unfortunately, it was again slowly over time. What was it I’m not sure. Either it was just off that I came forth before (by swapping by that) or the distances were not re-observed. Anyway, it was something boring towards the end of the turn. I would also total can already drive faster in the beginning, but I was asked very good nonetheless! In the third turn us the yellow flag a driver of another group was once even shown since it has been thrown into the gravel. A walk in the park looks different. We were just really on the Track …  smiley emoticons seb zunge


However, it has been really great fun to drive on the Hockenheimring and I can hardly wait for my next time. I have decided for an instructor training to allow time again show me the path or the line, and it is also prescribed for spear-Racing before you can up alone. You have a bit of skill to have an incalculable risk for the other driver just already be.  smiley emoticons idea2

Reifen nach dem Getting Started, ganz schön viel Gummi von der Rennstrecke aufgesammelt.
Reifen nach dem Getting Started, ganz schön viel Gummi von der Rennstrecke aufgesammelt. Auch eine Möglichkeit damit der Reifen länger hält 😉

Each of you is also toying with a trip to the Track should think twice what he booked. Getting Started is not necessarily for everyone, since although the driving exercises are good, but the one or ask for something else or frustrate (me smiley emoticons blushnew ). The same should probably start with an instructor training. For one or the other which may be true, but beware of hubris! smiley emoticons aufsmaul

I could have in a faster group or Getting skip Started, but when it comes to learning or to improve the Hanging off or slowing down is no way around it. I held prior to training for a good driver and hold me still for it, but on the Track is one of the nothing. smiley emoticons no sad The aim here is to know the line and the behavior on the circuit. Even if you are on his home track of the King and can range no one the water is one of the on the Track absolutely nothing. Here you are a rank amateur! smiley emoticons madnew Since one must really fooled. I for one think a training instructors still absolutely necessary to the necessary maturity for Track to have!

I certainly hope that the contribution due respect for the Track mediated, but has also taken the fear of it, and I’ll see one or the other in the future of you there! smiley emoticons wink2

Thanks also to the team of  Speer-Racing. Has been really fun and I’ve learned a lot. My driving style has also changed / improved as I discovered at Ner small tour today. Worth it so do always!smiley emoticons bravo2

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