Motorcycle Festival and PS Tuner Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring

To the 111th anniversary of the magazine “Motorrad” was celebrated at the Hockenheimring. At the same time was the PS Tuner Grand Prix, a race training of the Motorcycle Action Team, a race weekend of the Street Triple Triumph Cubs and the Challenge at the Hockenheimring.

[sam id=2 codes=true]Supernatants from Bridgestone, Metzeler, Polo, Mercedes-AMG, Castrol, Hero, KTM, LSL, Wunderlich, Triumph, Speed ​​Triple, Touratech, X-lite and Kawasaki were on site. On a dyno you could let check the actual performance of your machine … AMG Mercedes `could drive, the suspension can be adjusted …

It was supposed to be offered some, but unfortunately it was not really in practice. 


Learn I have of the event only through the newsletter of the motorcycle. A report in advance I have not realized, and that even though I have subscribed to the “PS”. OK, maybe I overlooked it. 

We arrived about 13 clock. The motorcycle parade on the race track, where everyone was allowed to attend, we missed before. Does not matter would anyway have been only a stroll ride, I think to myself. Rained it has also been, and perhaps was the reason why not really mood has arisen. 

Lots going on was not anyway. Arrived in the paddock (a notice indicating where the event actually takes place, I could not discover) welcomed us the first parked motorbikes and stalls. We wanted to first give an overview of what is to happen quite quickly. Many stalls were not there. 

Probefahrt mit Mercedes AMG
Probefahrt mit Mercedes AMG

The AMG rides saw also not terribly exciting. On a closed surface could turn a small round. It was far too little space in order to be able to really have fun. 

The free wheel alignment cost for people who do not “motorcycle heroes” were then but 30 euros. Was announced otherwise in advance and quite disappointed. 

als Sozius bei Steve Mizera mit seiner S1000RR
Sieht nicht gerade bequem aus, und dafür 200 Euronen…
als Sozius bei Steve Mizera mit seiner S1000RR

From the program for children I have not seen anything, but you could ride for 199 Euro as a partner in Steve Mizera with its S1000RR. Just two laps. Or 4 really fast laps … Wow … 200 euros for all 8 minutes of fun?

 Sorry, but there is one or the other probably prefer to stay in a furnished ambience with red lanterns for the money … 

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 Hockenheim
Wenden und dann Slalom…

The Motorcycle Action Team was also on site and you could pass on a closed surface is a compact training. I unfortunately did not notice much of it, but what I’ve noticed, not just looked for action. Since it has been driven in extremely slow speeds in slalom and turned to the one piece. Driving at walking pace would have been there much harder, but would at least as offered lots of action. Sure, you have to adapt the participants also, possibly it was because. In any case, the participants were then guided to complete a turn on the track. 

[sam id=2 codes=true]There, the whole day participants in the race training, the Street Triple Cup and the Triumph Challenge was underway. In the bad weather, the conditions were not ideal and you could see one or the other falls or hear. The ambulance was in between the road. I hope it is nothing worse happens …  

Motorrad Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix
Wer hat die Maschine wohl designt? Tipp: ein PS-Profi

Interesting were the bikes of the PS-Tuner Grand Prix. I had to be able to admire in between hoping this also on the track, but unfortunately remained in the dry. Since we have to wait for the next PS until we learn more about what the bikes … 

Since the whole thing was planned as a day trip, I can not say anything about the bands in the evening. In this weather but is also likely to evening not have been so great. Participants in the race training and the races were certainly enough there. Without which there would also have been quite dull. Nevertheless, to be beautiful again been on the Track … 

Leistungsprüfstand Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 Hockenheim

All pictures, as always, in the Bildergalerie

Motorrad-Festival PS-Tuner-GrandPrix 2014 Hockenheim
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