Not quite inconspicuous hit and run

After a rear-end collision with driver flight, the Californian George V. is now indicted. The driver of the minivan cannot really say that he did not notice the accident because he pushed the Honda CBR as a hood ornament a long way in front of him.

The accident occurred on Freeway SR-91. The minivan hit the Honda CBR600 at high speed, which the motorcyclist said was traveling at around 65 mph (104.61 km / h). The biker was thrown off the motorcycle by the impact and then complained of pain in his arms and legs. His complete protective equipment prevented worse injuries.

The 25-year-old van driver fled from the scene of the accident and pushed the motorcycle that had wedged into the front of the car in front of him. Sparking, he drove on until he took an exit and separated the motorcycle from his vehicle and left it there. The van’s bumper also came loose.

He continued on the run and parked the van two kilometers away. He fled on foot.

He later reported his van as stolen. Since it was a rather unusual team and was still flying with a lot of sparks on the freeway, it attracted a lot of attention. “Will Panda” (YouTube name) filmed the spectacle on his mobile phone and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. George V was arrested just two hours after the accident.

The motorcyclist told WMBF News: “Oh, this guy tried to kill me … I think it was intended as if he was chasing me.”

Apparently no signs of this could be found, since the charge of driving away is imprisonment and provides for a maximum sentence of five years in prison.


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