Mugen Shinden Hachi presented

John McGuinnes` motorcycle for the ZeroTT 2019

Even a racing machine for the Isle of Man TT celebrated its debut at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, the Mugen Shinden Hachi.

Hachi is the Japanese name for the number eight. It is also the eighth version of the electric powered superbike Mugen Shiden. According to the data sheets, nothing has changed compared to its predecessor (Mugen Shinden Nana). Optically, however, aerodynamic changes occur, e.g. changed the front intake and the rear.

Many changes are probably in the detail. Also used are Showa’s prototype forks, where the fork tubes are made of carbon fiber to save weight. Mugen wants to break with the new package the lap record for electric motorcycles at the Isle of Man Zero TT. Currently it is 121,824 miles per hour.

Michael Rutter and John McGuinnes will again compete for Mugen this year.

Technical specifications of Mugen Shinden Hachi:

  • Overall length / width / height (mm): 2.125 / 680 / 1.130
  • Ground clearance (mm): 130
  • Seat height (mm): 810
  • Total weight (kg): 248
  • Tires • Front: 120 / 70ZR17M / C (58W)
  • Tires • Rear: 200 / 55ZR17M / C (78W)
  • Frame: CFRP monocoque frame
  • Engine type: Oil-cooled, three-phase, brushless motor
  • Maximum power (KW [HP]): 120 [163.2]
  • Maximum torque (N-M (kgf-M)): 210 [21.4]
  • Battery Specification: Lithium Ion Laminate
  • Battery output voltage (V): 370 or more

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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