Comes an electric CBR?

A patent from Honda has emerged and showing an electric motorcycle reminiscent of a CBR. A lot of information is not yet known, but if you consider the handlebar position, then it is more likely to be a touring motorcycle than a superbike. The battery […weiter lesen]

New Motorcycles

Zero announces new SR/S

The electric naked bike SR/F from the American manufacturer Zero is now also to be released in a fully fairing version. The Zero SR/S is to be presented on February 24, 2020. There were first sightings of the fully fairing version before the announcement. This […weiter lesen]

New Motorcycles

Damon HyperSport presented at CES

Damon Hypersport is said to be one of the most impressive electric motorcycles ever presented at the Consumer Electronics Show. It has already been awarded the CES 2020 Innovation Award. The electric motorcycle is equipped with a unique safety system. The riding position setting can […weiter lesen]

New Motorcycles

Electric sports motorcycle Vins EV-01

Vins introduced the EV-01, which uses an electric drive from Zero. The chassis and frame components are similar to the Duecinquanta two-stroke Sporbike. As with the two-stroke motorcycle, the EV-01 is equipped with a carbon fiber monocoque frame and first-class suspension components. Carbon is also […weiter lesen]

New Motorcycles

Kalaschinkow Cafe Racer

The weapon specialist Kalashnikov is working on an electric motorcycle in CafeRacer look. Already in 2018 they introduced the SM-1 and UM-1. These were already electrically powered motorcycles, with the first intended for military use and the second for the “civilian population”.   The Cafe […weiter lesen]

New Motorcycles

Kawasaki Electric Ninja

Kawasaki is working on an electrically powered ninja and has already built a prototype. The motorcycle is already a long time in development, according to Kawasaki they working since the early 2000s on the drive. The battery should be interchangeable, but details will not be […weiter lesen]