Five years after the introduction of the Tracer 900 sports tourer, Yamaha is bringing two brand new versions of the popular motorcycle, the Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT. More power, more sportiness and highest comfort are promised.

Five years after the introduction of the Tracer 900 sports tourer, Yamaha is bringing two brand new versions of the popular motorcycle, the Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT. More power, more sportiness and highest comfort are promised.


New CP3 engine with 890cc

The three-cylinder crossplane engine has been completely revised and offers more power with 1.7 kg less weight. By extending the stroke by 3mm, the displacement increases to 890cc. This also increased the torque by 7%. At the peak, 93 Nm are available at 7,000 rpm, which means that the maximum torque is already available 1,500 rpm earlier than with the predecessor. The maximum power has increased by 4 PS to 119 PS, which is reached at 10.000 rpm.

By changing the fuel supply system, efficiency has been increased by 9%.


New frame, longer swingarm

The new Deltabox frame is lighter, more compact and is designed to provide better handling. The engine has been mounted slightly more upright in it to improve the overall balance, feel and grip on the front wheel.

The new design has increased the payload by 7%, resulting in a possible payload of 193 kg.

The swingarm has also been redesigned and is now mounted on the inside of the frame. It is visually similar to the MT-09 swingarm, but 60mm longer, which means that the wheelbase is the same as on the previous model.


Technical features

The built-in IMU was originally developed for the R1 and measures the movement, acceleration and tilt of the motorcycle in any direction. The acquired data is permanently sent to the ECU, which regulates the traction control, slide control, front wheel lift system and break control system.

There are different adjustment levels for the different systems. The Slide Control and Front Wheel Lift System can also be completely deactivated. The ABS is controlled according to the lean angle. You can also choose between four basic driving modes.


Cruise Control System

To make long journeys even more comfortable, the Tracer 9 was equipped with a Cruise Control System. It can be activated from a speed of 50 km/h and from the fourth gear and then automatically maintains the set speed, which can also be readjusted at any time. The activation of brake, clutch or gas handle deactivates the system immediately, so that you always stay in control.


New look

The Tracer 9 was also optically redesigned. The windshield, fairing and tank should form an arrow-shaped silhouette. One side of the LED double headlamp is responsible for the low beam, the other side for the high beam. Turn indicators and tail light also use LED technology.

Two TFT instruments display all important data. The left screen is responsible for speed, fuel, engaged gear and rev counter. The right screen has been subdivided and shows among other things odometer, trip meter and temperature.

For the wheels Yamaha decided to use 10 spoke SpinForged rims, which saves 700g. The reduction of the unsprung masses supports a more agile handling and handling.

The 41mm front fork is 30mm shorter than before and is fully adjustable.


Adjustable seat height

With the current Tracer the seat height is 15mm lower than before. However, the seat can be adjusted in height, even without tools. The footrests and the handlebars can also be adjusted, which allows to set a suitable ergonomics.

Best protection against wind and weather is provided by the adjustable windscreen.


Technical Highlights

  • New EU5-compliant 890ccm in-line three-cylinder engine
  • Reduced engine weight and higher performance in all speed ranges
  • 7% increase of the maximum torque
  • Increase of the maximum power by 4 HP
  • Lighter Deltabox frame made of CF die-cast aluminum
  • Total weight reduction of 2kg for more agility
  • New lightweight aluminum swingarm
  • Next generation styling, perfect blend of sports style and touring features
  • Complete LED lighting with characteristic TRACER tail light
  • Optimized A&S coupling
  • Lightweight and compact new 6-axle IMU – first time in a Yamaha Sport Touring motorcycle
  • Slope sensitive driving assistance systems: TCS, SCS and LIF with three intervention modes
  • ABS and Brake Control System (BC)
  • D-MODE selectable driving modes
  • New ultralight SpinForged 17 inch wheels in 10 spoke design
  • Fully adjustable KYB® 41mm USD fork
  • Adjustable KYB® damper
  • Two 3.5 inch TFT instruments, controllable by handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm double discs


Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

The Tracer 9 GT was equipped with new hard shell cases. They are floatingly attached to the frame via a carrier system in order to absorb restlessness and thus promote optimal handling.

The KYB chassis of the GT is electronically controlled and automatically adjusts to the current ground and road conditions. You can choose between a sporty, taut or comfortable preset.

The quickshifter including the blipper function allows you to shift up and down without using the clutch. Warm hands are ensured by the handle heating, which can be adjusted over 10 levels.

The GT is also equipped with intelligent cornering lights that switch on automatically when the vehicle is at an angle of 7 degrees and at a speed of at least 5 km/h.


The Tracer 9 is available in the colors Redline, and Tech Kamo. The GT version will also be available in Icon Performance. Delivery for Europe is planned for March 2021. The RRP of the Tracer 9 is 11.599 € and 13.999 € for the GT version, both including manufacturer’s additional costs.

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