Cardo has comprehensively revised the PACKTALK and equipped it with the second generation of Cardo mesh technology. With this, they would like to raise the bar for communication systems of the upper class once again.

Cardo has comprehensively revised the PACKTALK and equipped it with the second generation of Cardo mesh technology. With this, they would like to raise the bar for communication systems of the upper class once again.


Also in cooperation with KTM & Honda

The PACKTALK EDGE will be available from June 2022 in KTM orange in addition to the existing black version.  Cardo and KTM have entered into a cooperation to bring this special edition to the market.

Meanwhile, Cardo has also announced the cooperation with Honda and presented the Honda-branded version.  It will be available in exclusively selected European countries from August 2022.


Shachar Harari, Vice President Business Development at Cardo Systems, comments, “It is our great pleasure to partner with KTM to offer riders the most advanced PACKTALK EDGE system with KTM branding. As soon as a motorcyclist sees the color orange, they immediately know it’s KTM. With our state-of-the-art KTM PACKTALK EDGE, as well as a wide range of PowerWear, fans can now express their passion for this brand from head to toe.”


Federico Valentini, Head of Global Marketing at KTM, added: “Our alliance with Cardo means we can celebrate two things that are important to us at KTM. The first is to provide KTM riders with leading technology for maximum riding enjoyment and we know that Cardo is one of the best partners for this. That’s why the KTM PACKTALK Edge is a great device that will make the difference every time you ride a KTM DUKE or KTM ADVENTURE together. The second point is to make sure that every trip with a KTM is filled with as much joy, exciting experiences and unforgettable moments as possible. When this happens with your motorcycle buddies, it’s even better and the KTM PACKTALK Edge becomes almost indispensable for that.”


New design without antenna

The new PACKTALK EDGE comes in a new, modern and slimmer design. The antenna is now integrated, but still surpasses the previous model in terms of transmission quality and range.

Due to the ergonomically optimized design, the buttons and the scroll wheel can be operated optimally even with gloves, which allows for a very intuitive control. Docking the PACKTALK EDGE on the helmet is conveniently done via a magnetic attachment.


Mesh 2.0 and improved sound quality

The Dynamic Mesh 2.0 used offers significantly improved sound quality once again and much faster “pairing” between connected devices. The connection to conventional Bluetooth systems is also faster.

The JBL speakers have been redesigned and equipped with three new sound profiles, which allows for an even better voice but also music playback.

The microphone has improved noise cancellation and thus provides the basis for the enhanced voice control. A simple “Hey Cardo”, in conjunction with a command, can activate the device or control a desired function.

The PACKTALK EDGE is equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip available today, optimizing universal connectivity with Bluetooth systems.



The battery life is stated at 13 hours. A fast charging option can be used via the USB-C charging port. A charging time of 20 minutes should then be enough for two hours of talk time. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Updates can be downloaded wirelessly to the device via the Cardo Connect app.


Price and availability

The single set will be available from the end of April 2022 at a recommended retail price of 389.95 euros, while the partner package with two systems is listed at 699.95 euros. It will be available via specialist retailers or directly via the Cardo online store.

Special accessories will also be offered for the new top-of-the-line model, such as the 2nd Helmet Kit, which allows the base system to be used with a second helmet, and the Half Helmet Kit, which is designed for mounting on close-fitting jet helmets or sports helmets.


Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer, Cardo Systems says, “The PACKTALK EDGE is the most advanced communication device we have ever developed. With the best audio performance in the market, a novel air mount bracket for quick and secure attachment, and a sleek, slim and uncluttered design. The PACKTALK EDGE is an excellent flagship for our extensive range of communication systems. This novelty is a testament to the three pillars of our company: quality, focused innovation and ease of use. Innovation is in Cardo’s DNA and we are proud to translate this into a product for motorcycle enthusiasts.”


The technical features of the new Cardo PACKTALK EDGE in detail:

  • Air Mount bracket – It has never been so easy to connect your communication system to your helmet: Simply hold the PACKTALK EDGE close to the mount on your helmet and the integrated magnets pull the system into the mount by themselves. The highlight is that the PACKTALK EDGE is also automatically mechanically locked in place. Unintentional detachment of the system from the helmet is therefore impossible. To remove the system – for charging, for example – simply press the release button and pull the PACKTALK EDGE forwards.
  • Top intercom performance in all worlds – The PACKTALK EDGE is a communication system for all cases, because on board are both the state-of-the-art Dynamic Mesh 2.0 technology – a guarantee for the highest voice and connection quality and maximum comfort – and the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Together with suitable partner devices (Cardo FREECOM 4x/2x), this enables the use of “Live Intercom” technology, e.g. the practical “Auto Reconnect” function. In addition, the PACKTALK EDGE also offers enhanced universal Bluetooth connectivity. This facilitates communication with the systems of all other manufacturers on the market, as well as connection with other Bluetooth devices, such as the TFT display systems on the latest generations of motorcycles.
  • State-of-the-art transmission technology – Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art radio and antenna technology, the new PACKTALK EDGE does not require a separate, fold-out antenna without compromising on range. Incidentally, this also allows for a particularly smooth, elegant design of the system.
  • Natural Voice Operation – With the PACKTALK EDGE, Cardo has further enhanced the performance of voice recognition. It is now even easier to control the system simply by saying “Hey Cardo” and giving the desired command. The new system has an increased error tolerance and thus in many cases also recognizes those announcements that do not correspond exactly to the specification in the manual.
  • Full equipment including FM radio – The PACKTALK EDGE offers a real full equipment, including FM radio reception with RDS function and six station memories. A powerful rechargeable battery with fast charging option ensures the best possible power supply even on long tours, which can also be done during operation – e.g. with a powerbank. Last, but not least, the system is designed to be completely waterproof according to the demanding specifications of the IP67 standard.

Article from 3/30/2022, Update from 6/10/2022, Update from 6/22/2022


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