Cardo Systems is offering a new software update that allows users of certain models to record and save audio conversations in the Cardo Connect app, a useful tool for MotoVlogs and audio track editing. The new feature, controlled by a simple press in the app, promises to be easy and straightforward to use.

Easily record conversations with Cardo’s latest software.

Cardo Systems brings innovation to its existing model line.  With the latest software update for the Cardo Connect app, users of the PACKTALK EDGE, NEO and CUSTOM models (in the Platinum subscription) can now create and save audio recordings.  This function is conveniently controlled at the touch of a button in the app.  This means that the devices can also be used for MotoVlogs including dual vlogs and group vlogs.


User wish implemented

Long awaited and now reality: With the 7.0 update of the Cardo Connect Mobile App, users of all 2nd DMC generation systems get the possibility to record their dialogs within a Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) network or individual voice comments.  These can later be shared or further processed, for example as an audio track for videos (e.g. MotoVlogs).  With this feature, which is available for the PACKTALK EDGE, NEO and CUSTOM devices (in the Platinum subscription), Cardo aims to further strengthen the user experience.


Functionality of voice and intercom recording

Whether conversations within the DMC network or solo comments, everything can be recorded.  Even first generation PACKTALK devices such as Bold and Black can be integrated into group operation.  Recording starts with a simple press on the newly introduced microphone icon on the Cardo Connect app home screen.  The completed recording is saved directly to the smartphone as an mp3 file.


How does the new voice recording function work

Using the new feature is simple and straightforward.  First, the Cardo Connect app must be downloaded or updated on the smartphone.  Then, “Voice Recording” can be selected from the home screen.  After audio access has been approved for the app, recording can be started by tapping the microphone icon.  During the recording, it can be paused and resumed as desired.  The recording ends by pressing the “Save” button.  The mp3 file is saved by default under a standard name in the phone memory, this name can be changed after saving.  In case of incoming calls during the recording, it will be paused and can be resumed after the call.  Note, however, that if the PACKTALK EDGE/NEO/CUSTOM is in Bluetooth mode, only the user’s own voice can be recorded.


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