Cardo Systems unveils a revolutionary innovation in motorcycle communications with its 3.4 software update, breaking down the barriers between the Cardo and Sena brands and enabling an overlapping, more stable and automatically recoverable connection between the Bluetooth mesh devices of both brands.

Unity in communication between motorcyclists

With the unveiling of the 3.4 software update, Cardo Systems is placing a substantial focus on cross-brand combinability.  The update creates an innovative platform that allows Bluetooth mesh devices from both Cardo and Sena to operate in a common group.  The crux of the innovation lies in the software’s ability to automatically restore torn connections without user intervention.


Seamlessness and innovation – the core of the update

Specifically, it’s the heart of the update, called “Live Connection,” which creates the communication bridge between Cardo and Sena’s mesh devices and automatically regenerates them when needed.  Once devices are grouped, two pre-determined “bridge devices” (one each from Cardo and Sena) strive to connect to each other exclusively, without automatically making contact with other devices.

The software, which not only makes connectivity with non-Cardo devices as easy and stress-free as with another Cardo communication system, rises to a new industry benchmark in this way, illustrating Cardo Systems’ dedication to a connected motorcycle community.


How does it all work?

For users of Cardo products, it’s a simple matter to obtain and activate the update via the Cardo Connect app.  Connecting Bluetooth mesh devices from Cardo and Sena involves several easy-to-follow steps.  First, it’s a matter of setting up the devices from the two brands separately, keeping in mind that Sena devices should have a working Bluetooth intercom and mesh-only devices are incompatible.  Any second-generation Cardo device (for example, PACKTALK EDGE and NEO) is compatible and allows Bluetooth to be turned on and Bluetooth intercom pairing enabled through the Cardo Connect app.


A statement on connectivity

Dan Emodi, chief marketing officer at Cardo Systems, emphasizes the importance of the new software in terms of communication between Cardo devices and those of other manufacturers: “Our live Bluetooth bridge not only simplifies connectivity, but also exemplifies our commitment to setting standards for communication technology in the motorcycle community.”  These words paint a clear picture of the company’s ambition to optimize communication and connectivity in the motorcycle community and ensure robust, reliable connections.


Constantly updating for optimal user experience

For those using Cardo devices, there is an opportunity to keep their devices constantly updated.  Visible notifications in the Cardo Connect app inform users of available versions and upgrades, helping them stay on top of the latest technology and enjoy the optimal experience.


Insight into Cardo Systems

Active in over 100 countries, Cardo Systems has established itself with an advanced range of communication systems for “moving groups,” particularly motorcyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.  In 2004, Cardo was the first company to launch a wireless Bluetooth headset for motorcyclists and has since been instrumental in shaping the segment with numerous innovations, including the first intercom system based on mesh technology (DMC).

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