Cardo Systems has introduced a software update that revolutionizes Bluetooth connectivity compatibility between communication systems from different manufacturers.  By overcoming previous pairing barriers, this innovation opens the doors to an expanded community of motorcyclists, enriched by greater choice, freedom and flexibility.

The revolution in helmet communication by Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems, the world leader in wireless helmet communications, has launched a new software update.  Now it is possible to establish Bluetooth connections with communication systems from other manufacturers as smoothly as with another Cardo communication system.

The previous challenge of pairing Bluetooth systems from different manufacturers has been solved by Cardo Systems with this innovative software update.  With this move, the company is advancing the standardization of Bluetooth connectivity in this fast-growing global market, enabling an even larger community of motorcyclists.


A transformed connectivity solution with new Cardo software

With the launch of the industry-wide Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBI) standard in 2022, Cardo was inspired.  An independent international study they commissioned showed that the majority of communication system users wanted an easier and more intuitive pairing process with systems from other brands.  Despite the existing cross-brand Bluetooth connectivity via the OBI standard, the Cardo development team took on the challenge of bringing even more brands into the process.


Global desires for improved intercom connectivity

“In our recent survey of motorcycle communication system users around the world, intercom connectivity with other brands was at the top of participants’ wish list of suggestions for improvement,” said Dan Emodi, chief marketing officer, Cardo Systems. “It has always been our goal to offer more to our own customers. With this update, we are now able to provide more independence to our users and their friends who use devices from other major brands. This means much more choice, as well as more freedom and flexibility.”


Cardo’s seamless software update wins over

With a simple, wireless “over-the-air” update, all current Cardo devices, from the top-of-the-line PACKTALK EDGE to the SPIRIT, can be brought up to the latest software level.  This allows easy Bluetooth connectivity with current generation devices from Sena, Midland and Uclear.  With the new update, a similar experience to using the same brand of intercom can be achieved without the usual hassle of complex pairing and possible side effects such as losing phone connectivity or the ability to receive phone calls and navigation instructions.  The only aspect not supported with this cross-brand connection is music sharing, which is also the case between two different generations of Cardo products.


Activating the new feature with the Cardo Connect app.

Users can easily download the latest software version via the Cardo Connect app to activate the new feature.  No special button press is required.  When new software versions are available, a pop-up will automatically appear in the Cardo Connect app and users can start the upgrade with a simple tap.


Everything you need to know about the new software update for current Cardo systems

The new software update is suitable for all current Cardo systems that work with Bluetooth level 5.2, especially for the SPIRIT/SPIRIT HD, FREECOM 4x/2x, PACKTALK Custom, Neo and Edge models.  Users can easily identify these systems by the USB-C charging port.

The update has been tested with major systems from other manufacturers.  For example, pairing Cardo systems with Sena devices of the 50, 30 and 20 series is possible without any problems.  Devices from this manufacturer that still use Bluetooth standards older than 4.1 are not compatible.  It is expected that compatibility will also apply to systems from other manufacturers equipped with Sena technology and Bluetooth level 4.1 or newer.  Connections with the systems of the manufacturers Midland and Uclear are already possible at this level, provided they have software that supports the common OBI standard.  In any case, the devices of the other manufacturers should have the latest available software installed.


However, the new, simpler connections are only possible on Bluetooth level.  Of course, mesh-enabled devices can also be connected, as long as they support Bluetooth connections.  The Sena mesh systems of the 50 and 30 series support both mesh and Bluetooth intercom connections and are therefore compatible with the new software.  The Sena Spider devices are pure mesh intercom systems and therefore not compatible


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