New Beta EVO, 2020 models

Beta introduced the new EVO 2020 models. The experience of the Beta Factory team on the racetrack and the technological know-how has been transferred to the new Trial range.

New Beta EVO, 2020 models

The 2-stroke version is available in four engine sizes. 125, 250, 300 and 300 SS. The SS is a motorcycle with a smoother character compared to the standard version, SS stands for “Super Smooth”.

The chassis design has received much attention and the look of the Evo My 2020 has been completely redesigned.

The engine firing times on all 2- and 4-stroke engines, including the 300 SS, have been redesigned and optimized. This is said to have improved the responsiveness of the engine to make it easier to drive the motorcycle at any speed.



  • New headlight fairing: Completely redesigned for a decisive look and outspoken racing spirit.
  • New tank: Completely redesigned, it underlines the hydroformed aluminum chassis, a special feature of the Evo.
  • New mapping selector switch: A revolutionary new design has been moved from the front headlight fairing to the new tank for easier access and visibility. He also has an LED display that makes it much easier to see which mapping is selected.
  • New rear fender: Completely redesigned, paying particular attention to the tail light.
  • New LED lamp on the rear.
  • New Fork Adjustment: Based on the experience gained with the factory version of 2019, the hydraulics have been made even more advanced, and we have also introduced the option of installing a compression setting (already installed in the factory).
  • New anodized parts (shift lever, foot brake lever, engine head 2T).
  • New graphics and colors.
O'NEAL 2 Series RL Spyde Motocross Enduro MTB Helm goldfarben/schwarz/Sandfarben 2017 Oneal*
  • ABS Außenschale
  • Weiches Innenfutter & Wangenpolster ist herausnehmbar und waschbar
  • Mehrere Belüftungs- und Kühlungsöffnungen für optimale Ventilation
  • Helmschalendesign ist Neckbrace kompatibel
  • Integrierte Brillenbandführung in der Außenschale

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