MV Agusta plans to expand its lineup of premium street motorcycles.  The Italian brand has filed paperwork with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for four new models: 921 S, 921 GT, Brutale 950 and Dragster 950.

Brutale 950 and Dragster 950

The new Brutale and Dragster 950 models will get larger engines, likely from the Lucky Explorer – MV Agusta’s adventure bike.  The Lucky Explorer features a new 931cc three-cylinder engine that produces 124 hp (122 hp, 93 kW).  However, higher power is expected for the two naked bikes to emphasize their sporty character.  There is currently no exact information about the design and equipment, but one can assume a well-equipped motorcycle and aggressive appearance.


921 S and 921 GT

The new four-cylinder with 921 cubic centimeters was already presented in the 921 S concept at EICMA 2022.  This engine is designed for the premium mid-range and in the study produces around 116 hp (114 hp, 86 kW) with 116 Nm of torque.  The 921 S will take its visual cues from the study and be reminiscent of the famous 750 S from the 1970s.  The 921 GT will probably be designed as a classic naked bike with high tubular handlebars and will also be reminiscent of the 750 4 C GT from the 1970s, which was technically based on the 750 S.


Lucky Explorer models

Despite co-owner Stefan Pierer’s statement that no one needs an enduro from MV Agusta, three models were found in the American VIN information with the abbreviation LXP, indicating the Lucky Explorer models.  These are an LXP, a variant LXP Orioli – named after Dakar winner on Cagiva Edi Orioli – and an LXP Premium.


We expect MV Agusta to unveil these new models later this year at EICMA 2023 in Milan, Italy.


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