In China and Australia, hints of a new 790 Adventure R emerge with a 94-horsepower engine, while rumors of a Rally variant circulate. At the same time, Australia reveals news of the 1290 Super Adventure, which is still waiting to make its grand entrance despite being approved in Europe in 2021.

The comeback of the 790 Adventure in 2023.

For those who love adventure: KTM has brought the 790 Adventure back to life for 2023.  What’s interesting here is that in some regions it will be positioned as a cheaper alternative to the well-known 890 Adventure.  Recent documents even suggest that the family could soon grow by several members.


The story behind the 790 series

The original form of KTM’s 799cc LC8c parallel-twin engine was known as the “790.”  But over time, this was replaced by the more powerful 889cc “890” engine, which found its place especially in the newer Duke and Adventure models.  But the smaller engine had not been phased out.  CFMoto in China continues to produce the more compact engine for models like the 800MT and the 800NK.  In addition, thanks to a partnership with KTM, CFMoto has the ability to manufacture complete motorcycles, which facilitated the reintroduction of the 790 Duke and 790 Adventure as mid-range models in many parts of the world.


New models on the horizon

Earlier this year, approval documents surfaced in China for an additional 790 variant: the 790 Adventure R.  It is visually reminiscent of the rugged 890 Adventure R, but houses a 94 hp (93 hp, 70 kW) engine with a displacement of 799cc.  This is in contrast to the 103 hp (102 hp, 77 kW) 889cc variant of the 890 Adventure R.  Interestingly, this very same 790 Adventure R has also been spotted in Australian approvals, with the same specs and an output of 94 hp at 8,250 rpm.  And that’s not where the story ends: There are also rumors of a 790 Adventure R Rally with an identical engine but a slightly larger wheelbase.


Further developments in Australia

Another exciting point from the Australian documents concerns the 1290 Super Adventure.  While this has been approved in Europe as early as 2021, it has yet to see an official launch.  While variants such as the 1290 Super Adventure S and the 1290 Super Adventure R already exist, the base version is characterized by its street orientation, comparable to the “S” model but without some of the premium features.


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