Elbow slidinging the new knee down?

In the Moto GP, it is now commonplace, sliding with the elbow on the racetrack. It makes  spectacular pictures and hanging jaws.

[sam id=2 codes=true]Going through the loops of the elbow faster? This can be answered only poorly. On the one extreme is haning off necessary (which I have already described to you in the knee slider instructions) what makes definitely _ fast. Whether the elbow then schrabbelt over the asphalt then depends on how angling and stretched out his arm away. Here the size of the driver is not very important. In the Moto GP most of them are quite small and have no problem with it.

Scot Redding beim Ellenbogenschleifen
Quelle www.motogp.com

However, the question of the meaning remains open. It may trigger a new / great feeling, especially when you can create something that very few (I could not live to see), but if you need a further measure of the angle to be seen.

As a sporting challenge but it can be seen and like to work on it with pleasure. Go backwards and when one tries to improve his driving style and to learn new things, I’m all for it! I’ll try, but I think for that I’m the best hands on the racetrack.

Rabat beim Ellenbogenschleifen
Quelle www.motogp.com

Elbow grinder for retrofitting I have not yet found on the net and I think they will not come. Many new leathersuits but have already titanium shells on elbows and shoulders. I think it will indeed be standard, but grinder to change as the knees are not likely to give it. There are too few ever make the elbows to get to the bottom.

Should we change that, you learn to know here!

It has changed! Here‘s to the elbow sliders

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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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