Elbowslider where you can buy them, how they look, how to install it, learn it here in the article.

Some time ago I wrote about elbow slider and did not think that they are once. Now you can buy it, but it was not really clear?

What are the elbows slider?

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]More or less it is smaller knee sliders. They have a slight drop shape and the top is a structure with slight depressions. So there is no danger of getting stuck somewhere and thus get into trouble chassis.

WIZ Ellenbogenschleifer Horsemen of Apocalypse com 6
Quelle WIZ

The sliders have a length of about 9 cm, a width of about 5 cm and a thickness of about 1.5 cm. They are available in different colors.

How elbow slider attached?

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Quelle WIZ

The elbow slider described here are just to install like normal knee sliders, using Velcro. The system has proven easy. Since there is no combination, are provided at the elbow slider, the wipers is a loop fastener. This is provided with a strong adhesive. The adhesive surface is, however, intended only as a guide for sewing. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of a slider without sewing, and assumes no liability for any resulting loss!

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The stitch on the slider intake is not easy. First, it is not so easy to sew something on leather and often also titanium caps are installed at the sites. You could indeed go away, but if you do it really is questionable.

WIZ Ellenbogenschleifer Horsemen of Apocalypse com 3
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But there are also plenty of suits in which no titanium caps are installed. There is still the problem with the elbow protectors. These must be removed so that you can attach the elbow slider. Only after suturing the protectors can be incorporated back. The whole thing is so not easy and should be done in any case by competent persons.

Where to Buy elbow slider?

WIZ logo
Quelle WIZ

The presented elbow slider system is from WIZ, the well-known knee sliders manufacturer from England. Enough experience what material the slider and loop fastener whose terms is thus available. Who WIZ knee sliders had ever thus also know the behavior of the elbow slider. You can buy them at WIZ.

WIZelbow slider my opinion

Untested one can say that they are doing what they should and definitely are worth the money. Whether you need them or not need to know any yourself. The cost must be added the assembly to which, although unique, but still devour one or two euros.

I would also not unleash the discussion whether the parts make sense. Here, the opinions differ as far as the knee sliding…

[sam id=”30″ codes=”true”]One argument be that one again has a new measure of inclined position could. A Marc Marquez will even have caught even one or the other front sliders with his elbow. Such inclined positions as in MotoGP for us but not even possible on the track.

When you see pictures in the social media, where the elbow touches the ground, the handlebar is usually also kept very outside. The hand is almost next to the handlebar and is usually only done with the thumb and index finger (it looks good too though not as extreme – the pictures above). Makes sense then probably not

Actually, I was thinking elbow sliders are not coming, but on the other hand, it was obvious. Always new tires with mixtures can be increasingly inclined positions. Currently there are probably very few manage to get his elbow on the ground, but with better tires increases the likelihood. Moreover comes to that one is already about 1.5 cm closer to the ground with the wipers WITH so it’s still lighter than WITHOUT.

Quelle Titelbild WIZ

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