The University of Warwick builds electric superbike for the race track

The motorcycle is based on the Honda Fireblade and was built by students and equipped with an electric drive.

The Warwick Moto team consists of 40 students from various departments. They are supported by the companies Rajputana Custom Motorcycles and Mupo Race Suspension.


Student Aman Surara: “The reason why I study engineering is because of my interest in motorsport, be it with four or two wheels. It’s not just about the theory and principles behind technical concepts, it’s also about practical experience and finding real solutions, not just what works on paper. ”


The motorcycle is expected to complete the first test drives in March. A student will not move the Superbike, however, they were enthusiastic about road racer Tom Weeden.

No further data on the motorcycle has yet been published, which could be due to the fact that it is still being worked on diligently.

It is said that it is planned to start with the 2022 electric motorcycle at the Isle of Man Zero TT. The racing class for electric motorcycles has only been canceled and will only take place again when interest has grown and there are several teams that want to participate.

A start in 2022 at the Isle of Man TT is therefore rather unlikely.


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