On Easter Saturday, there were a motorcycle race for touching at Hockenheim. When first round of the German Endurance Cup 2015 it was not just a spectator, it was the middle of it and got so much on offer …

The first run of the DLC fell into the water. Rain and cold made for spectators and participants for a not so great start to the season. Despite all adversities, the Hockenheimring was well attended, and rightly so! You got so much on offer for the small admission!

Spectators, and yet in the heart

To the Pictures of 1000km Hockenheim 2015

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]Here it was not confined to his seat on the tribune. You could in each box, and even in the pit lane. Here you had racing to touch. You could see how it really goes in racing. Not only the coated hands of technicians with white gloves of technicians at the MotoGP or Formula 1. Here one saw how honest racing is, with blood, sweat and emotion!

The classification and rules of the DLC

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (7)When DLC (German Endurance Cup) there are 4 different classes are at the same time on the track and race against each other. But is judged only in the relevant class. That is here go all together and at the same time on the circuit. Whether 450 or 1000cc!

Moto 1000-4 cyl. over 950 cc and 2 + 3 Zyl. over 1000 cc
Moto 750-4 Zylover 600 to 900 cc and 2 + 3 Zylover 750-1000 cc
Moto 600-4 Zylover 450 to 600 cc and 2 + 3 Zylover 450 to 750 cc
Endurance (1 Motorcycle class) open

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (19)For each team 2-3 Drivers and 2-3 motorcycles may compete. May only be driven with a motorcycle only in class Endurance. The driver of a team must therefore share a motorcycle.

The technique of motorcycles is free, only the security must be taken into account and a large series come from. For tuning has thus largely free hand.

It all went a bit different than planned!

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (15)Because of the rain the start was delayed by one hour. It has dispensed with the start at Le Mans style, as this would have been too dangerous in these conditions. It was decided to start behind the safety car.

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (13)For a few laps the safety car was out, and then let the racers themselves. Under these conditions, not an easy thing. The first falls in the race were not long in coming and already passed behind the safety car.

As it turned out, was probably in some places oil on the track, which was not visible through the rain.

Wolfi #53 and the Chaoten Dreamteam

[sam id=”25″ codes=”true”]In addition to the name of the scene like Nina Prinz and team Racefoxx were also teams with names like Team Gaskrank, Talentfrei Racing, turbo snails, Assisted Driving, Street Bunny Crew, Harz4Racing etc. locally and are often not less known.

The name can be seen before, here drive people like you and me. It should be fun, without taking all the beerseriously. Serious Racing, it was definitely.

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (3)The bad weather was decisive on this day. Also Wolfi # 53 did not remain unscathed and fell quite early. Apart from the lining of the steering damper and the footrest was still broken. Immediately there were helping hands to all repaired again. Missing parts were willingly supplied by other teams. The cohesion on the race track is just a dream.

Of course, the team fell back by far, because dragged on the repair. But the chaotic dream team was not only one fall. One was made of two damaged machines. At least spare parts were no longer a problemsmiley emoticons wallbash

Fall festival in the rain at the 1000km Hockenheim

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (9)But the falls were not limited to one team. With 77 teams you came to about 110 falls! Very often, the safety car was out and at least once the ambulance. As Dennis crashed for the second time it got also another driver who Dennis even touched. For Dennis all right (not only for his machine) went unscathed from. The other driver was taken away by ambulance, not so nice to look at. I hope he is now fit again!

The whole can also be seen in the video. Some was thrown on gravel on the track by the two falls. The safety car led the Racer around it and a sweeper removed the gravel.

The whole from the perspective of Wolfi # 53

1000km Hockenheim 2015 (6)Wolfi # 53 and the chaotic dream team gave me the video footage (driving shots). At this point a big thank for it!

Who more about Wolfi # 53, his experiences would on racetracks and road races (including the Isle of Man), to know can find out more about it in his 50s Club.

Here is an excerpt from his Report:

“Samstag- Renntag und es regnete den ganzen Tag. Das Training das wir hatten ist relativ schnell erzählt. Dennis 1 ging als erster auf die Strecke um diese mal zu lernen und Dennis 2 ging kurz danach raus auf den Ring. Beide drehten jedoch nur 3 Runden und kamen mit Problemen wieder rein.
Also war mein erstes Training angesagt. Ich fühlte mich ganz gut und konnte ordentlich fahren. Ich war auf einer langsamen Runde als ich in die Rechts vor der Mercedes Tribüne einbiegen wollte und zack rutschte ich schon über den Asphalt.
Banges Warten auf den Abschlepper ob wir es noch schaffen würden ein paar Trainingsrunden zu fahren. Meine Jungs machten sich gleich dran den doch glimpflich ausgegangenen Sturz zu reparieren.
Dennoch hatte ich Gesamtstartplatz 40 unter 80 Teams geholt.
Aufgrund der Wetterlage entschied sich die Rennleitung…”

Who wants to learn more about the DLC or ultimately want to see the results of the race should be on the Homepage of DLC gaze over.

To the Pictures of 1000km Hockenheim 2015

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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