The Chinese company has been licensed Norton’s 650cc parallel twin since 2017. Now they are said to have increased the engine to 849cc.

Visually, the engine has remained identical, the changes are limited to the inside. The original was developed by engineer Ricardo and is based on the two front cylinders of the V4RR engine.


At the end of last year, Zongshen introduced the Adventure Bike RX6 and the Tourer RK6. The original Norton Twin was installed in the two models. Now the models should be equipped with the revised engine and correspondingly have more torque and power.


This announcement also raises an interesting question. Since the original two-cylinder is based on the V4 engine of the V4RR and one could expand it by 200cc, can one then extend the original Triumph V4 by a total of 400cc? How would that affect the performance? – The engine already produces around 200 HP?


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zongshen zs850 engine

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