We all know how important it is to keep a cool head when riding a motorcycle (in every respect). A water-cooled helmet has now been developed for racing, which should guarantee this.

The Pinifarina company actually develops body designs for high-end sports cars, but has now developed a water-cooled helmet for car racing in collaboration with Roux Helmets. Water circulates around the wearer’s head, which is brought to a comfortable temperature by a small cooler. In this example, the system is connected to an existing cooling system, but it could also work independently.


Since much that has been developed for racing also appears on the mass market at some point, a water-cooled helmet could really be offered to motorcyclists.

How high do you see the chances, or how useful do you think is a water-cooled helmet for motorcyclists?


HJC Helmets RPHA 11, Motorradhelm, Venom Marvel II, MC1, L*
  • HJC, RPHA 11, Motorradhelm, Venom Marvel II, MC1, L

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