V4 engines from China

The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda was already able to surprise with the visually successful power cruiser LFC 700, which is equipped with a fat 310 rear tire. Now they are following up with their own V4 engines.


Two V4 engines were presented. The larger V4 has a displacement of 1,198 cc and is said to produce 154 PS (113 kw) at 9,500 rpm. Maximum torque of 121 Nm is available at 7,500 rpm. The bore is 76 mm and the stroke is 66 mm. The compression ratio is specified as 11.5:1.

The smaller model has a displacement of 496 cc and produces 57 PS (42 kw) at 10,000 rpm. 45 Nm are available at 8,000 rpm. Bore and stroke are 53.5 mm and 55.2 mm, respectively. The compression ratio is identical to the larger model.

However, the question of which models the engines will be used in remains unanswered.


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