For the Thruxton models and the Speed ​​Twin are two different recalls or problems.

There are problems with the side stand spring in the Truxton (2016-2018), Thruxton R (2016-2019) and Thruxton TFC (2020). The spring could be weakened by constant vibrations and ultimately break. The side stand could activate the engine stop if necessary. The spring is replaced in the workshop and provided with a rubber sleeve that dampens the vibrations.

NHTSA recall numbers 20V-015

Triumph’s recall numbers SRAN 570


With the Speed ​​Twin, the linkage of the gear lever can come loose from the ball joint. This could mean that it is no longer possible to shift. A faulty thread locking compound triggers the problem. The problem announces itself for the driver, one can feel a worsening of the switching process.

NHTSA recall numbers are 20V-014

Triumph’s recall numbers SRAN 569


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