An unexpected fuel line defect has forced Indian Motorcycle Company to issue a recall for its latest Challenger and Pursuit models.

A critical look at the fuel supply

Indian Motorcycle Company recently had to issue a recall for the 2023 Challenger and Pursuit.  The culprit is a leaking fuel line that came from a supplier and could cause engine malfunctions in the affected motorcycles.  Of course, this immediately raises the question of safety: a sudden engine stall while riding is not only annoying, but also increases the risk of accidents.


Exact figures and data: Which bikes are affected?

This is not a mass recall, but the relevance is still high.  According to the manufacturer, a total of about 50 motorcycles are affected.  We’re talking about Challenger models manufactured between June 16 and June 26, 2023, and Pursuit Dark Horse Icons with premium equipment that rolled off the production line between June 16 and June 29.  As for the chassis numbers, it’s a little complicated: they don’t line up, but range from 56KLCBRR3P3420713 to 56KLCBRR8P3421033 for the Challengers and 56KLDFRR4P3420708 to 56KLDFRR5P3421138 for the Pursuits.


The bone of contention: how did the discovery come about?

The problem was discovered during routine performance testing of newly produced motorcycles.  More specifically, it stood out during end-of-line dynamometer testing.  The faulty lines were identified and Indian immediately contacted the supplier to resolve the matter.  In the meantime, Indian has stopped delivery of the affected models.


Don’t panic, but caution is advised

It may be reassuring that there have been no reported accidents related to this particular defect so far.  But Indian Motorcycle is taking the matter very seriously and has launched a recall as a precautionary measure.


Next steps: What happens now?

The next step is to inform Indian’s dealer network about the recall.  And owners of the affected motorcycles will also be notified directly by the manufacturer shortly.  Those who have already incurred costs to fix the problem may be eligible for reimbursement.


Need more information?

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Indian Motorcycle’s customer service department.  The specific campaign number for this recall is I-23-06, and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also offers more information at 1-888-327-4236 or on its website.

Since motorcycles are usually produced in one plant for sale worldwide, other markets could also be affected.


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