QJMotor was founded only recently and has already been able to present a number of models that are in production. The company serves a wide range of segments.

QJMotor was founded only recently and has already been able to present a number of models that are in production. The company serves a wide range of segments.

QJMotor belongs to the parent company Qianjiang, to which Benelli also belongs. Therefore, they could fall back on a variety of components of existing motorcycles. With their models they want to serve the new market for top class Chinese motorcycles.

QJ Motor SRG600 2 1
QJMotor SRG600

QJMotor SRG 600

The SRG 600 is based on the chassis and engine of the Benelli TNT600i. The four-cylinder engine delivers 80 HP at 11,000 rpm and 55 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

It is equipped with LED lighting, quickshifter and slipper clutch. The buttons on the handlebars have backlighting.

The QJMotor SRG 600 uses Bosch electronics, Brembo brakes and KYB dampers. The TFT display is 5-inch large. The bike is also equipped with Keyless Go.


QJ Motor SRT750
QJMotor SRT750

QJMotor SRT 750

The SRT 750 is the largest motorcycle from QJMotor to date. It is equipped with the 754cc parallel twin, which is also used in the Benelli 752S and Leoncino 800. It is said to be closely related to the Benelli TRK 800, which has not yet been presented.

There will be two versions, one with 17-inch light-alloy wheels and a second version with wire wheels in 19-inch front and 17-inch rear.

The SRT 750 is also equipped with LED lighting, Keyless Go and TFT display. However, the display here is 7 inches in size.


QJ Motors SRV500
QJMotors SRV500

QJMotor SRV 500

The SRV 500 is QJMotors interpretation of the Benelli 502c and has a Diavel style with oval LED headlight. The Benelli 500cc Twin is used as the power unit, which delivers 48 HP at 8,500 rpm and 47 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It has been transplanted into a tubular steel frame. A traditional fork and a Monoshock shock absorber are used for damping. The weight is stated as 198 kg. The tank holds 14 liters.


QJ Motors SRT500
QJMotors SRT500

QJMotor SRT 500

The SRT 500 is also equipped with the Benelli 500cc Twin. The SRT 500 is an interpretation of the TRK 502, but with a more elegant design and better equipment. Among them are LED lighting, Brembo brakes, Bosch ABS, magnesium swingarm, 5 inch TFT display and a USB charger. The controls on the handlebars are also equipped with a backlight.

The weight is 225 kg, the tank holds 19.5 liters.


QJ Motors SRK350
QJMotors SRK350

QJMotor SRK 350

The SRK 350 is a kind of further development of the Benelli 302S. The engine size has increased from 300cc to 353cc. This results in an output of 36 HP at 9,000 rpm and a torque of 31 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Here too there is LED lighting, ABS from Bosch, a TFT display and backlit controls. The weight is 176 kg, with the center of gravity of the motorcycle being quite low. The seat height is 800mm.


QJ Motors Turismo Sport 250
QJMotors Turismo Sport 250

QJMotor Turismo Sport 250

With the Turismo Sport 250 one goes a different way. Where many QJMotor models are reinterpretations of Benelli models, the Turismo 250 will be the basis for a further Benelli model.

The Turismo Sport 250 is equipped with the smallest QJMotor they have in the program, whereas the 250cc engine for Chinese models is actually already considered big. It produces 17.4 HP, which is not very much for 250cc.

It is equipped with a round retro display and ABS. It has a silhouette in scrambler style. It has an 18 inch wheel at the front and a 15 inch wheel at the back.


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