New Zealand is testing smart traffic signals to reduce motorcycle accidents

Most of the accidents between motorcycles and cars probably happen at intersections. For this reason, a new system is being tested in Auckland that consists of road markings, flashing smart studs on the road, electronic signs and video analysis. The system will be installed on Dominion Road, as there were 29 accidents involving motorcycles between 2014 and 2018.


Special feature in New Zealand

However, the reason for the many accidents are not raging bikers, but a special feature of New Zealand’s city traffic. Motorcyclists use the bus lane. Between the bus lane and the normal traffic lanes, however, there is a parking strip that separates the bus lane from the lanes open for oncoming traffic next to it. Due to the parked vehicles, motorcyclists are often poorly seen or overlooked by turning vehicles.


How the system works

A camera system registers motorcyclists on the bus lane and warns of further traffic with signals on a warning sign and flashing signals on the ground. In addition, open spaces are created in the intersection area to make the intersection clearer. Motorcyclists are also warned if a vehicle wants to turn in front of them at the intersection.

The system will be tested this year. One hopes to drastically reduce serious motorcycle accidents.


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