New Honda patent for a supercharged V-Twin

The use of a turbo or a compressor is nothing special in cars, but it looks a little different at motorcycles. Currently only Kawasaki has corresponding models in this range (H2, H2R and soon the Z H2)

However, other manufacturers have been working on this technology for years. Honda patent drawings were published a few years ago. Now they have been updated with a charged V-Twin engine.


In the drawings, this engine is in a naked bike that doesn’t really resemble the current naked Hondas.


Whether one can expect an announcement of a compressor motorcycle from Honda soon, remains open. The drawings have now been published in January 2020, but they come from a patent application from 2017. Because only after a certain vesting period, the patents may be published. On the other hand, it sometimes takes years for a new model to hit the market …


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