Livewire announces an exciting new model, the "Mulholland", based on the innovative S2 platform, with a longer wheelbase and lower seat height than its predecessor, the "Del Mar".

Insight into the development

Livewire, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, is planning to introduce a new motorcycle model that will be called the “Mulholland”.  This information first came to light when Livewire filed a trademark application for “Mulholland” in April.  Further trademark applications were filed in various markets in October.  The documents reveal the model code S2MH, which is associated with the S2 platform already used on the Del Mar model.


Distinguishing criteria and preliminary data

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the S2 Mulholland differs from that of the Del Mar by the code “GD” in the fourth and fifth position.  Only preliminary data is available so far, but it indicates that the Mulholland will have a wheelbase length of 1,468 mm (57.8 inches), which is about 0.6 inches longer than the Del Mar.  At 30.25 inches (76.84 cm), the seat height appears to be slightly lower than the Del Mar’s 30.9 inches (78.49 cm).


Weight and similarities with the Del Mar

In terms of weight, the S2MH shows up with an operating weight of about 429 pounds (194.6 kg), which is 7 pounds lighter than the Del Mar.  However, the maximum load that can be carried by each axle remains identical to that of the S2DM.  These similarities are not surprising as both models share the S2 Arrow platform.


Differences and specific features

It is interesting to note the mention of a special “Flat Track” mode on the Del Mar, which does not appear in the S2 Mulholland owner’s manual.  This could indicate that the Mulholland does not have this mode and is instead designed for other driving conditions such as cornering on normal roads.  Therefore, the tires of the Mulholland could also differ from those of the Del Mar, which is equipped with tires that are also suitable for unpaved roads.



While many details about the Livewire S2 Del Mar are still unknown, the manuals indicate that more information about the 2024 model year can be expected soon.  The name “Mulholland” suggests a motorcycle designed for winding roads rather than gravel tracks.

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