As Kawasaki announced, in 2021 they want to launch a motorcycle using the latest Bosch technology.

The technique is the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which has Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward Collision Warning, and Blind Spot Monitoring.


The system constantly monitors the surroundings of the motorcycle and warns of potential hazards.

The ACC controls the distance to a vehicle ahead and automatically maintains the safety distance. The collision warning system detects the brake lights of the vehicles ahead and warns the motorcycle driver witht visual and acoustic signals. If something is in the blind spot, this is indicated by a hint in the mirror.


Which motorcycle Kawasaki wants to equip with the system first, they have not yet revealed, only that it will come in 2021 on the market.


Ducati and KTM have already announced to use the system as well.


MICHELIN 63001 Motorrad Reifendruck Kontrollsystem*
  • Universalkit für Motorrad, Moped, Scooter mit 2 Sensoren und LCD Display
  • Permanente Sicherheit: Anzeige beim Start, Alarm während der Fahrt
  • Magnethalter, LCD Display abnehmbar mit USB Induktionsladehalter
  • Einfache Montage, automatische Kalibierung
  • Für Metall. - und Gummi-Ventil (Snap-In) mit Metallgewinde

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