Kawasaki patent of a hybrid motorcycle

More and more manufacturers are working on electric motorcycles and Kawasaki has also been working on the Edeavor for years. However, the combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor is to be given higher priority at Kawasaki.


Is a Kawasaki hybrid coming instead of a pure electric motorcycle?

In recent years, Kawasaki has registered a large number of patents for hybrid motorcycles that are capable of increasing the performance and economy of the motorcycle while reducing emissions. However, no prototype has yet been presented and no official announcement has yet been made. Work is only done behind closed doors and patent applications are the only way to hear about this work.


Control elements in focus

Unlike the Endeavor’s massive battery, a hybrid version would have a much smaller battery, making room for a gasoline engine and a tank.

However, the new patent is primarily concerned with the possible operation of a hybrid drive. The throttle valve has been specially designed to allow the driver to control the behavior of the gasoline engine and electric drive.

Acceleration is traditionally controlled by a twist grip, but this has been equipped with additional controls. A four-position switch allows different driving modes to be selected, which have an effect on response and consumption.

A boost button changes the torque output characteristics to temporarily increase power. The knobs are combined with the twist grip so that they can rotate with the car. This allows the thumb to remain on the boost button to activate it at any time.


It remains to be seen whether the patent will make it into serial production.

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