Kawasaki electrical patents

Is an electric mid-range bike from Kawa coming?

Kawasaki electrical patents

Kawasaki is apparently working on electric motorcycles, at least let new patent applications to conclude.

On the patent drawings you can see a motorcycle with a tubular frame, which can be opened to exchange the necessary for the electric drive battery. The heavy battery can be lifted over a carriage, removed and thus easily and quickly exchanged for a full battery unit. Long load times are bypassed in this way.

Since electric motors also need a specific temperature window to work optimally, Kawasaki has filed two more patents. Once it is a kind of RamAir, which directs the cooling wind on the battery. The second patent shows the engine / transmission unit which is cooled with oil. To keep the oil at temperature it runs through a large oil cooler.

Whether this will really come on the market is still open.

LEDMOMO 3D Lampe Nachtlicht Stimmungslicht Tischlampen Motorrad
45 Bewertungen
LEDMOMO 3D Lampe Nachtlicht Stimmungslicht Tischlampen Motorrad*
  • Farben des Lichts: Rot, grün, blau, gelb, Cyan, rosa, weiß.
  • Automatisches Ändern des Farbmodus.
  • Kann mit dem mitgelieferten USB-Kabel oder 3 * AA Batterien (nicht mitgeliefert) in verschiedenen Situationen betrieben werden, flexibel und bedienungsfreundlich.
  • Aus hochwertigem Acryl mit guter Transparenz, ist es schön und nicht leicht zu beschädigen.
  • Kann als dekoratives Licht an Orten wie Schlafzimmer, Wohnzimmer, Bar, Café, Restaurant verwendet werden.

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