Kalaschinkow Cafe Racer

The weapon specialist Kalashnikov is working on an electric motorcycle in CafeRacer look.

Already in 2018 they introduced the SM-1 and UM-1. These were already electrically powered motorcycles, with the first intended for military use and the second for the “civilian population”.


The Cafe Racer concept is now clearly a vehicle for private use. This is evident, for example, on the optics, which was designed in a trendy retro look. Tank and seat form a line whereby the seat has a typical Cafe Racer form. At the ends of the handlebars there are clip-on mirrors, it is equpped with spoke wheels are mounted and bellows are located on the fork.


Saddlebags have been integrated under the seat in the frame, which offers some storage space. Visually, this fits in wonderfully with the overall picture.

The power of the electric motor should be around 50 kW. The battery has so far a range of about 100 km. The maximum speed should be at 100 km / h.


The data given does not seem particularly exhilarating yet, but at the moment it’s just a prototype. Whether the motorcycle will get in series and what performance it would achieved, is still completely open.


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