One of the world's largest and most important motorcycle trade fairs, INTERMOT in Cologne, will open its doors again in 2022 and present not only the latest models as well as a new event concept. (04.-09.10.2022)

One of the world’s largest and most important motorcycle trade fairs, INTERMOT in Cologne, will open its doors again in 2022 and present not only the latest models as well as a new event concept. (04.-09.10.2022)


“This year, INTERMOT 2022 will be the first major motorcycle show where motorcycle fans can experience the new products presented digitally over the summer live and in color,” said Alexander Wolff, Director of INTERMOT. “And we have also really stepped on the gas with the new concept of the trade fair: in addition to the fascinating bikes, visitors can experience innovative, technical developments and visionary concepts for the mobility of the future. This reorientation has been very well received in the industry.”


A whole series of well-known manufacturers have already confirmed participation, including BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Horex, MSA with the Benelli, KYMCO, F.B. Mondial and VOGE brands, as well as Zero and the KSR company with its brand portfolio are just a few of them.

INTERMOT’s offerings range from motorcycles, scooters, internal combustion and electric power units, and trailers and sidecars to parts and accessories for motorized two-wheelers, engines and engine parts, electrical equipment, clothing and equipment for motorized two-wheelers, tools, workshop and store equipment, lubricants and care products, and motorcycle-related tourism and leisure products.


“The new concept of INTERMOT is based on three core ideas about which we will play the storytelling communicative: Innovation, Community and Lifestyle,” explains Wolff. “Innovation stands for the innovations in models and accessories, for future mobility and concept studies. Community describes the industry players and the motorcycle fans we are specifically triggering via the keywords ‘digital,’ ‘event,’ ‘young,’ ‘international,’ and ‘business.’ And lifestyle is synonymous with the fascination and lifestyle of motorcycles. To make sure the worldwide motorcycle community doesn’t miss a thing, we’ll be streaming INTERMOT premieres, presentations and innovations “live.””


The “World of INTERMOT” offers various subject areas:


At the WORLD OF eNNOVATION, everything revolves around eMobility and visionary technologies: from smart solutions such as ride assistance systems and app & smartphone integration to sharing concepts and innovative eFuels, the future of biking is the topic here. And just how much an e-bike can take off can be experienced on the INTERMOT test tracks.


WORLD OF 125ccm

The world for beginners and the young generation. For all those who feel the biker in them but want to have a look around first, the WORLD OF 125ccm is a “must”. With advice on driving licenses or initial equipment, a test ride course and a comprehensive range of products, both young bikers and friends of the B196 driving license will find everything they need here. The whole thing is rounded off with special events, e.g. a special show of all available 125cc models.



With the “WORLD OF SHOP@INTERMOT”, we are offering visitors added value. Fans can already equip themselves with new gear for the upcoming season at the show. Companies will showcase their brands perfectly, sell selected products directly on site and collect valuable feedback on products and collections from existing and new target groups.



The event world of INTERMOT. A first ride on a 125cc bike, a lap on a big bike or a tour on an e-bike or e-scooter to feel e-mobility up close – trying out eMobility – in the WORLD OF PARCOURS all visitors get moving and experience the fascination of motorcycles live. And for newcomers with and without a driving license, the 125cc track is available.



A permanent fixture in the INTERMOT program for years – at the WORLD OF TOURING you can discover the big wide world of motorcycle touring. Reports of experiences on the world’s most winding routes ensure that inspiration is running at full speed. In addition, there are not only bikes for small or big adventures, but also tips and the right accessories around the exciting topic of touring. And of course the opportunity to test bikes live on site in the WORLD OF PARCOURS.



The stage for classic and retro bikes, bikes and accessories with the look and feel of the 70s, for the international community and its spectacular designs, right up to unique bikes and individual conversions. Pure inspiration and fascination.


The Bike Shield - Motorrad-Garage - schützende Zelt-Abdeckplane (Größe S)*
  • The Bike Shield muss sicher im Boden verankert werden. Einfach zu handhabende Schutz- und Abdeckungsmöglichkeit mit einem Design, das sich wie ein Zelt als Motorradgarage um Ihr Motorrad legt und es...
  • 1 Jahr Garantie. 16 Quadratrohre, eine Bodenplatte und ein Verriegelungssystem, alle mit Galvanisierung, sorgen dafür, dass Ihr Motorrad sicher geschützt ist.
  • 100 % wasserdicht, besonders dicke Polyurethanbeschichtung auf der Innenseite mit einer Wassersäule von 2000 mm. Außenseite mit stark wasserabweisenden Eigenschaften und Schutz vor schädlicher...
  • Um Feuchtigkeit aus der Motorradgarage abzuführen, ist sie mit Belüftungsöffnungen ausgestattet.
  • Praktisch - kein Kontakt von Auspuff und Abdeckung, einfach parken und abdecken, alles in nur drei Sekunden.

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