Back in May 2019, Triumph announced work on an electric motorcycle, and now the date of the official launch has also been revealed.

Back in May 2019, Triumph announced work on an electric motorcycle, and now the date of the official launch has also been revealed.


Joint project

In addition to Triumph, the TE-1 project also involves Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd and the University of Warwick’s WMG Institute.  The joint project is funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles.

With the completion of the prototype, Triumph has completed the third phase of the project.  In the fourth phase, the motorcycle was extensively tested and brought to a production-ready basis.  The goal was to exceed the UK Automotive Council’s current 2025 benchmarks and achieve a platform for future development.


Presentation on July 12, 2022

Meanwhile, the fourth phase has been completed and on July 12, they plan to release detailed information and the results.  Image and video footage of the work on Triumph’s first electric motorcycle should also be released then.

Final performance data, as well as range and charging time data, will also be announced then.


“It has been really exciting to see the progress made in Phase 3 of the Triumph TE-1 project, and the final prototype motorcycle is now entering field testing.  Everyone involved at Triumph is proud to have been part of this innovative British collaboration.  Personally, I am thrilled with the results we have already achieved with our partners and the exciting preview of the potential electric future ahead,” said Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO.  “We look forward to continuing the ambitious and innovative work on the TE-1 demonstrator prototype in live testing and sharing the results with Triumph fans around the world.”


What was developed / incorporated / contributed by whom:

  • Triumph: final chassis, including frame, rear subframe, cockpit, fairings and wheels, final drivetrain system including transmission and Gates carbon belt drive, electronics, Öhlins USD cartridge forks, unique prototype Öhlins RSU, Brembo M50 monobloc calipers and Triumph motorcycle control software.
  • Williams Advanced Engineering: final iteration of prototype WAE battery pack with special cell pack for optimal center of gravity, vehicle controller, DCDC converter, integrated cooling, charging port and styled carbon covers
  • Integral drivetrain: final prototype drivetrain with scalable integrated inverter and combined motor with silicon carbide switching technology and integrated cooling
  • WMG, University of Warwick: final test simulation prior to commissioning, with all results indicating that the project is on track to achieve intended performance and durability results

Article dated 09/02/2022 – Update 05/31/2022.


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