How to proceed with Norton

As reported, Norton was acquired by the Indian TVS Motor Company. Now TVS has announced what the future of Norton should look like.


In an interview with Joint Managing Director Sudarshan Venu, he announced that Norton would continue to do its own thing. Norton is said to continue producing in the UK, but no longer in Donington Hall. Most employees should also be able to keep their jobs.


“The strong design team and assembly team is coming over to us, and we will look to leverage their strength and work with them to deliver more bikes of this storied brand. In Europe, the location is in Derby, in Donington Hall. We will move to another new location very soon, in the same region. The idea is to continue with this very talented team to get the brand back to its original glory, and take it into the future” Vanu told the Car and Bike magazine in India.


TVS has a great deal of experience in producing affordable, mass-optimized, small-displacement motorcycles. They don’t want to apply this experience to Norton. Norton is said to remain a premium brand and continue to produce mid-sized to large motorcycles.

With Norton, TVS would like to continue to use existing platforms such as 650, 961 and V4.


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