Harley-Davidson works on cruise control for group rides

Some companies are working on systems that radar-assisted monitor the environment of the motorcycle. On the basis of the data independently regulate the motorcycle speed or initiate emergency braking. First prototypes were thus able to realize an automatic distance control.

Harley-Davidson works on cruise control for group rides

Harley-Davidson apparently wants to use radar-assisted technology to realize automated driving in a convoy. Basically, it does not have to do anything other than what it is intended to register other vehicles around its own motorcycle and adjust the speed accordingly.

But it should be extended by each vehicle emits a unique identification signal. This should allow you to choose to follow which vehicle you want, taking into account any overtaking.

Already last year, Harley filed for a patent for an autonomous braking system. It controls the brakes and the throttle position of the engine. This system in combination with radar technology could enable automated group rides.

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