In an interview with, Harley's CEO talks about the iconic motorcycle brand moving completely to electric motorcycles in the future.

In an interview with, Harley’s CEO talks about the iconic motorcycle brand moving completely to electric motorcycles in the future.


First electric motorcycle spun off

Electric motorcycles are nothing new for Harley, and with the LiveWire they have launched their first production electric motorcycle.  However, the retail price of around $30,000 deterred many.

In 2021, this motorcycle was again marketed under the new LiveWire brand.  So the name for the motorcycle became a separate brand, the motorcycle was renamed LiveWire ONE and the selling price dropped to a good 22,000 USD.  LiveWire was to become the electric brand for Harley in the future and with “Harley-Davidson” they wanted to focus on the roots of the brand again in the future.

LiveWire then announced its intention to build several series of electric motorcycles that would be assigned to different categories.  The first model was the Del Mar, which can be assigned to the smallest category. 


Electric seems to be a topic again for Harley

Apparently, Harley-Davidson is planning to release electric motorcycles under its own brand again in the long term, and a switch to a pure electric brand is no longer out of the question.

Jochen Zeits, CEO of Harley-Davidson, in an interview with Dezeen: ” At some point in time, Harley Davidson will be all-electric. But that’s a long-term transition that needs to happen. It’s not something you do overnight”


Back from the reset?

When Harley-Davidson will become an all-electric brand is still an open question.  However, before refocusing on its core business, Harley planned to expand its own offering with “More Roads to Harley-Davidson.” Among other things, this also gave rise to Pan America.  At that time, Harley also planned to become the leading brand in electric motorcycles. 

What Harley is currently planning is still unclear, but it seems as if they have rethought the return to the core business and now want to go in the direction of “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” again!?


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