Presentation of the Ducati SuperSport at Intermot. The Supersport looked closely


Ducati SuperSport

dsc00565Rumors about the SuperSport have been around for some time and at the World Ducati Week she was shown behind closed doors and with strict photo ban. Now she was officially presented at the Intermot in Cologne. It is a sportsman for every day, a sportsman for the country road. Sporty look, but not the radical sports driving. Due to the more upright seating position, it is suitable for daily and longer journeys.

SuperSport performance data:

This can also be seen in the performance data, 113 Ps at 9,250 revolutions and 96.7 Nm are already at 6,500 revolutions. The engine is a two-cylinder, has a displacement of 937 and is integrated as a supporting element into the grate tube frame. Service is required every 15,000 km. The large service with valve control is due after 30,000 km.

Ducati SuperSport equipment:


The Supersport comes with Ducati Safety Pack including Bosch ABS and traction control. There will be 3 driving modes which you can also adapt to your own needs. The set mode will be displayed on the LCD display.

Under the seat hides a waterproof USB port. Convenient to power a navi or similar without powering a cable installation. The tank holds 16 liters.

The wind shield can be adjusted for comfortable longer journeys. It is adjustable in height.

Those who want a more sporty SuperSport can access the S version. It comes with fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, Quickshifter incl. Blipper function – thus for up and down switching – and cover for the soziie seat.

Of course, Ducati offers a variety of accessories. There are also pre-packaged packs to order, including the sport and touring pack. In the sports pack are among other things carbon parts and with Touring Pack a longer wind shield and heating handles.

The data of the Ducati SuperSport:

  • dsc00482Two-cylinder with 937 cc
  • 113 Ps at 9,250 U
  • 96.7 Nm at 6,500 U
  • Weight ready to use 210 kg, empty 185 kg.
  • Wheelbase 1.478 mm,
  • First tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso III
  • Front 120/70 17 inches and rear 180/55 17 inches.
  • The SuperSport comes with Sachs Federbein, Öhlins in the S version
  • Braked with Brembo.
  • The SuperSport is prepared for the Ducati multimedia system
  • Seat height 810 mm.
  • Tank capacity 16 liters
  • Waterproof USB port
  • Customer service every 15,000 km
  • Great service with valve check-up after 30,000 km

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