Can-Am is taking an exciting look at the future with its Pulse and Origin electric motorcycles under development, peppered with revolutionary ideas like a modular design and mysterious allusions to a groundbreaking 35 kWh battery capacity. Between revelations of prototypes and cryptic patents, the question remains as to what's really to come.

The roadmap for electrification: What should happen by 2024.

Let’s think back: about a year ago, Can-Am dropped the bombshell and announced the development of two electric motorcycles.  And where do things stand today?  By the end of 2024, the technology should have matured to the point where the two models, Pulse and Origin, can be delivered to customers.  So the development phase is in full swing.


Two bikes, one basic structure: Flexibility through modular design

Can-Am is still keeping a low profile with concrete figures on the performance and range of the two vehicles.  What is certain, however, is that the developers are relying on a common basic frame for the Pulse roadster and the Origin adventure motorcycle.  This modular concept should offer a great deal of flexibility for further development work.


Prototypes show themselves: from show bike to real machine

So far, there have only been concept drawings and trade show models of the bikes.  But now Can-Am is presenting photos of prototypes.  They show that last year’s visions have become one step closer to reality.


Mystery battery capacity: a code in the picture names.

Particularly interesting: The number combination “35kWh” appears in some published pictures.  Previous battery capacities in the field of electric motorcycles reach a maximum of 22.5 kWh.  So if the “35kWh” does indeed describe the capacity of Pulse and Origin’s new batteries, it would be a true paradigm shift.


The drive: Innovation in detail

Patent applications from Can-Am reveal quite a bit about the bikes’ planned technical features.  For example, the drive motor will be unusually installed in the front area of the swing arm.  This allows all the space in the main chassis to be reserved for batteries and electronics.


Battery cell capacity: A look at the patents

The submitted patents speak of 490 battery cells arranged in seven modules.  However, these numbers rather lead to a capacity of 8.7 kWh, assuming the LG M50L cells mentioned in the patent.  So, whether the “35kWh” in the picture names is pure speculation or concrete implication remains to be seen.


Weight and range: challenges and opportunities

If the 35 kWh battery is actually installed, the bike is likely to be a heavyweight.  According to current calculations, that would be at least 116 kg (about 257 pounds) for the batteries alone.  It will be interesting to see how this will affect the bikes’ handling and range.


Final thoughts: A high-stakes game

Until the official unveiling of the finished models, much remains in the dark.  But the initial information, especially the mysterious “35kWh” claim, should already have the competition sweating.  Deception or not, Can-Am is bringing a breath of fresh air to the electric motorcycle market.


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