Changes and partly new prices for the vignettes in Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Price adjustment of the vignette in Austria 2018

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]The Austrian toll will increase slightly for 2018. The annual vignette for a car increases by 90 cents to 87.30 €, the two-month vignette increases by 30 cents to 26.20 € and the vignette for 10 days will cost next year nine euros, which means an increase of 10 cents ,
For motorcycles is an annual price of 34.70. That’s an increase of 30 cents. For two months € 13.10 and for 10 days € 5.20 are due. So in each case a plus of 10 cents.

New, the digital vignette in Austria

New in Austria is next to the sticker for gluing now also a digital registration of the plate. This saves you the sticker and especially the “remove again” if the vignette is no longer valid. Currently this is only possible online via the road operator ASFINAG. There are no additional costs. Payment is possible by credit card, Paypal or Sofortüberweisung. Since the legal two-week right of return applies online, the vignette will only be valid on the 18th day after purchase or after payment.
By mid-2018 you can buy the registration plate or the digital vignette in the ADAC offices. The offering of petrol stations in the border area is also planned and will probably be possible sooner. Since this is not purchased online, these registrations are immediately valid.

Price adjustment of the vignette in Slovenia 2018

The tolls for Slovenia will remain at the current level for 2018. The annual toll for a car costs € 110, one month € 30 and seven days € 15. With the motorcycle one can pay for the year 55 €, for six months 30 € and for seven days 7.50 €.

Price adjustment of the vignette in Switzerland 2018

In Switzerland it will be cheaper. The passenger car and motorcycle annual vignette costs here 35,75 €. This saves 75 cents compared to the previous year.

Since 01 December, the annual vignettes 2018 can be used for Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. 2017 annual vignettes are valid until 31 January 2018.


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