Worldwide, only 10 pieces of the monster are sold

Aprilia RSV4 X – Racetracks Monster Factory

For the 10th anniversary of the RSV4 Aprilia brings a strictly limited Superbike on the market, the RSV4 X. Worldwide there will be only 10 pieces to buy.

The machine is specified with 225 hp and 165 kg (dry). It will be the world’s first motorcycle to feature a gearbox with idling under first gear and fitted with Brembo GP4-MS calipers.

In the ANN system (Aprilia No Neutral), the neutral position is below the first gear, which should facilitate and accelerate the shift from first to second gear. Unfortunately, the gearbox was not described in detail. Therefore, it is not clear if it is just a reverse shift pattern, which is also recommended for the racetrack, but not really new. Aprilia says the system is based on WSBK and MotoGP experience and has never been made public in a production model.

The Aprilia RSV4 X is designed for the racetrack and can not be used on public roads. The fairing is made of lightweight carbon. The color scheme is based on the RS-GP, the MotoGP motorcycle for 2019.

An easy handling is again supported by the forged Marchesini magnesium wheels.

The RSV4 engine has been redesigned. New intake camshafts, new valve return springs and caps, and more aggressive cam profiles provide more power. The Akrapovic exhaust system has a titanium manifold and a carbon fiber tailpipe.

As the air filter, a sprint filter element is used, the same as in MotoGP. The ECU is specially tuned.

The price of the machine is 39,900 €. From the second half of April it can only be reserved online.

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