Zero continues to expand its offering with the 2020 models. In addition to the new colors for the models, the adventure motorcycle DSR Black Forest Edition will be available worldwide.

Zero Motorcycles launches touring machine worldwide

The Zero DSR Black Forest Edition is derived from the DSR 14.4 and is now to conquer the US market, among others. The touring machine is equipped with plenty of storage space, it has three lockable boxes. In addition, it has protective bars, hand guards and a headlight cover.

The DSR Black Forest Edition is available in various equipment options. Anyone who wants to, can also upgrade them individually.

With the new operating systems Cypher II and Cypher III and the Next Gen App, for the Zero models can be create custom driving modes, check charging status or diagnostic data, and install updates.

The Zero 2020 models will be available from November 2020 from the Zero-dealers.

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