Zero FXE – Electric Supermoto

Zero has unveiled their new supermoto model, which will actually come in two versions. The FXE will be offered as an A2 version or an A1 version. This means that riders in the “125cc class” will also be able to access the FXE.


Two versions

Both have been equipped with a 7.2 kWh battery. The output of the air-cooled electric motor is 15 kW or 21 PS in the A2 version, with as much as 44 PS available at short notice. In the “125 cc class”, the FXE has a continuous output of 11 kW, which is the maximum allowed in this class. However, the 15 PS can also be increased to 44 PS in the short term. The maximum torque for both models is given as 106 Nm, just like the maximum speed of 135 km/h and the weight of 135 kg.


161 km in city traffic should be possible with one battery charge. After that, it has to be “refueled” for 9.2 hours at a standard plug socket. A fast charger is also offered as an option, which costs 821 euros and is supposed to halve the charging time.

The FXE is equipped with an adjustable chassis from Showa, the ABS comes from Bosch. Suspension travel is given as 178 mm at the front and 227 mm at the rear. Bluetooth will be used to connect the mobile phone to the 5-inch TFT display.

The Zero FXE will be available at dealers from September.




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